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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On the Road (Again)

It's going to be a slow morning on the blog. I'm about to head to Macon for the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame's annual Pigskin Preview Day, where Mark Richt and other coaches and players from around the state will be meeting with media.

UGA's player reps will be Kris Durham and Akeem Dent, so if you have any questions for them, let me know.

I'll hopefully have some updates from Macon this afternoon.

In the meantime, two stories came out in the past 24 hours that don't exactly show Georgia's coaches in the best of light:

-- Nash Nance said former Georgia recruit Da'Rick Rogers had "bad dealings" with Georgia's coaches in the days before he committed to Tennessee.

-- Makiri Pugh's position coach says Georgia offered him little support after he decided to transfer, failing to even return calls from schools interested in bringing Pugh in.

Now, neither story comes directly from the source, but does this dose of negative publicity worry you at all? Or is it a whole bunch of nothing?


Rob said...

The Nance story doesn't bother me in the least. Let's see how Nash looks in this: Nash and his friend/legal brother Da'Rick were verbally committed to Vandy and UGA, respectively. Both guys decide to back out on their commitments in the eleventh hour and commit together to Tennessee (Vanderbilt's biggest rival and also a rival of UGA). Neither Georgia's coaches nor Vanderbilt's coaches said anything derogatory about either player or the situation. Rogers gets into a very public argument with a Georgia player, making both look quite mature and professional. To top it all off, Nance decides to make these comments regarding his friend and Georgia, regardless of the fact that his head coach has made it completely clear that he doesn't want to have much to do with the media. I have to think Derek Dooley is none too pleased with Nance's comments, not only because it is opposite of Dooley's M.O., but also because it's bashing Georgia coaches (and I highly doubt Dooley wants to get into a media firestorm with Georgia, of all people).

Looking at it all together, Nance is coming off as a bit of a brat. If Da'Rick is staying quiet and Georgia is staying quiet, Nash needs to stay quiet.

As far as the Pugh situation goes, I'm not really sure what protocol is in that situation, but I would like to think that Richt would do more than ignore phone calls. Richt has a pretty good reputation regarding helping players...perhaps there's more to the situation than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

Both stories are about kids that have either not played a down of college football or played very little. For those reasons, I could care less what they have to say.

Brett D said...

I can't wait for Rambo to knock Da'Rick's over inflated head clean off of his body on Oct 9. What an a**hole.

Anonymous said...

Nance is 'sour grapes'. Richt probably had a lot on his mind, and Martinez didn't care.