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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Links (6/16)

Got a lot I'm working on, so just a few afternoon links today...

-- The Telegraph's Jonathan Heeter has a diary from Monday's first day at the U.S. Open for Georgia golfer Russell Henley.

-- Dean Legge has a great interview with Mark Richt that only tangentially touches on the games on the field. It's a good look at the Richt we don't hear a whole lot about.

-- As you're probably aware by now, Georgia's roster got another boost -- albeit it one unlikely to help out until 2011 -- with the transfer of former USC linebacker Jarvis Jones.

-- It's been a little bit of a rocky relationship between UGA and Carver-Columbus High School, but Marc Weiszer wonders if Jarvis Jones' transfer might not be a sign of things to come.

-- Georgia Sports Blog thinks the addition of Jones could be a big deal, too.

-- Tim Tucker previews Georgia's tight ends today and thinks Orson Charles bond with Aaron Murray could mean big things for the dynamic duo this year.

-- This betting site has Georgia pegged to finish third in the SEC East, although their explanation for why leaves me thinking the prediction could be dubious. "The lack of inexperience at quarterback, the uncertainty of how the defense will play, and the fact that this team has to play Florida, South Carolina, and Auburn on the road why I have slated at No.3." Yes, it will be Georgia's "lack of inexperience at quarterback" that does them in this year. Oh, and that Florida game isn't technically "on the road." Oh, and the last time Georgia lost in Columbia was the year before Richt arrived. Oh, and Georgia has beaten Auburn four straight seasons. But yeah... third place.

-- Interesting story on former Bulldog Max Jean-Gilles, who appears to be the first NFL play to undergo lap-band surgery in an attempt to control his weight. (h/t ABH)

-- Team Speed Kills looks deeper at three myths about conference expansion -- including a question on just how much of's reporting was on the money.

-- Missouri's president is OK with keeping the moniker of the Big 12 despite now having just 10 teams.

-- It's been one year since the fire at the Georgia Theater, and they're making some good progress on the road to re-opening.

-- Slashfood interviews Anthony Bourdain about his new book, which is sort of a follow-up to "Kitchen Confidential."

-- Here's a sneak peak at the upcoming season of "Entourage."

-- And finally, this week's bad idea for an '80s remake: "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead." OK, so that was actually the '90s. Either way, Hollywood sucks right now.


rbubp said...

Jarvis Jones is eligible this year, no? One of the conditions of losing bowl eligibility is that the one year wait period is lifted, I think. Is there another reason he would not contribute this year?

Ubiquitous GA Alum said...


Jarvis is a rising soph. He would need a medical waiver from the NCAA to be eligible this year. He's said that the plans to redshirt and not seek a waiver. He wants to give his neck/spine another year to heal + he hasn't played a snap since about Oct-09.