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Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Links (9/26)

Just a quick handful of links this morning...

-- Looks like Georgia has a shot to get back to the top of the polls.

-- An oil man thinks the Georgia-Bama game should be postponed due to the gas shortage in Athens.

-- Mark Richt got a visit from a Supreme Court justice on Thursday.

-- Quintin Banks will return to Georgia's secondary this week, but John Knox has made progress in Banks' absence.

-- The AJC explores the impact of Georgia's fashion choice for this week's game.

-- USA Today has a story on Alabama's massive offensive line.

-- The Chattanooga Times Free Press has a piece on what A.J. Green's emergence (along with Matthew Stafford's arm) has done for the Georgia offense.

-- Georgia Sports Blog remembers the last time "GameDay" paid a visit to Athens.

-- Hard to fault ESPN for not coming to UGA for so long. I mean, clearly they have some fine decision makers working at the network.

-- The Washington Times calls Saturday's game a battle of speed vs. power. Not sure if they've seen Knowshon run, but I wouldn't call speed his lone weapon. I think both these teams can hit with the best of them.

-- In fact, the Augusta Chronicle says Knowshon isn't too worried about Bama.

-- UGA is getting a new dorm with some new rules.

-- And finally, I'm not really sure what the saddest part of this story is -- the fact that the attempt failed or the fact that they tried in the first place. Then again, I've also tried to see how many M&Ms I could fit in my mouth at one time and that, too, ended poorly.


Anonymous said...

Just curious how long Jarius Wynn has been out? Did he play against Scu or ASU?

His bulk could be huge in the matchup vs. Bama's big OL...

David Hale said...

He played both games, but left ASU game early. He's good to go for Bama though.