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Friday, September 19, 2008

Pirate Day Links (9/19)

Arrrr, mateys. It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and my timbers have clearly been shivered.

Before I be boardin' me airborne vessel for parts unknown, I've got a scurvy-filled treasure chest of links for ye.

So, read on, if ye dare! Arrrrrr.

-- I penned a yarn on the Dawgs' defensive ends' failure to swab the decks of opposing quarterbacks.

-- As if the football team wasn't a big enough embarrassment to my alma mater, this story makes me want to do some plundering and pillaging.

-- Bleacher Report peers out its porthole to find out what's ahead for the Bulldogs and also gives 10 reasons why Georgia be not a sea-farin' crew.

-- So, um, have you heard about the new pirate movie? It's rated Arrrrrrr!

-- Three folks with UGA ties were inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame. Now that's somethin' to crack open a liter o' rum for!

-- The Gameday Chef has a treasure chest of tailgating advice for ye . But beware, there be a terrible curse in store for those of you playing drinking games with liquor before 1:30.

-- What SEC school do most pirates attend? Arrrrrrkansas.

-- Rivals' Anthony Dascher wonders if Georgia be throwin' its history of great tight ends overboard. (Arrr, a subscription be required.)

-- Avast! College Football Weekly chats with bloggers from Georgia and Arizona State.

-- A UGA women's basketball player walked the plank to persue a modeling career.

-- According to the AJC, about 2,500 Georgia fans were banished to Davey Jones' locker rather than issues tickets by ASU.

-- Get the Picture is putting its faith in Cap'n Searels when it comes to the offensive line.

-- Do you know what a pirate's favorite fast food restaurant is? No, it's not Arrrrrby's. It's actually Long John Silver.

-- And just in case any of ye landlubbers meets a fine wench and ye need a good pick-up line, might I suggest you try one of these.

OK, mateys, I'm setting sail for Arizona. Probably won't be able to post again today, but don't forget to check back for the game day live blog tomorrow evening.

If any of ye have made the treacherous journey west, keep your non-patched eye out for me in the parking lot before the game, and feel free to share some of your booty (by that I mean food, of course).

Happy plundering!


Unknown said...

Ohh wow. I never know what to expect when I read these blogs.....have a safe trip!!

Brandon Deen said...

Arrrrrr the pirate voices in my head ever gonna stop now?

Anonymous said...

What kind of socks do pirates wear? Arrrrrgyle.

Universal Remonster said...

Did you just quote How I Met Your Mother?


Anonymous said...

Please make it stop.