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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Georgia Falls to No. 2

The USA Today Coaches Poll has Georgia at No. 2 after its Week 1 win over Georgia Southern. USC replaces the Bulldogs at the top spot.

Here are the top 10:

1. USC (23) 1-0 1,462
2. Georgia (20) 1-0 1,442
3. Ohio State (10) 1-0 1,385
4. Oklahoma (2) 1-0 1,344
5. Florida (3) 1-0 1,295
6. LSU (3) 1-0 1,202
7. Missouri 1-0 1,197
8. West Virginia 1-0 1,035
9. Texas 1-0 1,030
10. Auburn 1-0 962

Honestly, I have no problem with this at all. Georgia played a lackluster second half and USC traveled cross country and throttled Virginia. That might not be a huge win in terms of the opponent, but as Tennessee learned last night, beating teams after traveling 3,000 miles aint easy. The Dawgs were bound to tumble after the USC-Ohio State game in two weeks anyway.

And, at least now there won't be any more questions about managing the expectations of being No. 1 for a while.



Jim Ludes- Grundy/ Will County REALTOR said...

College football did something right? I had to run to the blog after hearing this (why do you make me care about Georgia football?). Glad to see you have a reasonable take on it.

Anonymous said...

David: I have no problem with this. USC looked better than us, against a stronger opponent. (Truth be told, Mizzou should have moved up too.) Our stronger sked effect will start to kick in soon enough.

On another, more immediate, topic, what is the official line on the possibility of effects from Hurricane Hannah in Athens this Saturday? I assume it will cause, if anything, just bad wind and/or rain. Any doubts that the game will be played (i.e., any possible effect on C. Mich. travel)? While we may lose some advantage that the heat/humidity may have brought us (or maybe, after last week, that would have been a wash), my feeling is that any real effect will be on the passing game. (Maybe kicking too.) And that would, I think, tend to favor the UGA running game. (Even with LeFevour's running prowess.)

What do you hear?

David Hale said...

Haven't heard any official word on this yet, though from what I understand, the storm is more likely to affect the coastal areas. It's a good question though, and I will check with the school tomorrow to find out if they have a plan in case weather becomes a factor for travel or safety.

As for on-field stuff -- I agree. Georgia's running game should be able to take advantage of wet conditions. Slower surface may slow down Cent Mich's spread, too. Though the saying goes that offenses deal better than defenses in bad weather, and speed against the spread is a must. Regardless, some rain would definitely make things a lot more interesting.

Jim Ludes- Grundy/ Will County REALTOR said...

Seriously? The team that thumped its chests claiming they got jobbed in a national championship hunt because they shut down Hawaii's spread is concerned with C. Michigan??