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Monday, September 22, 2008

Munson Memories

Obviously the reactions to Larry Munson's retirement are still coming in and will throughout the week. Here's some thoughts from the Georgia folks I was able to talk to today. Please leave your favorite Larry memories in the comments section.

Georgia DE Jeremy Lomax: "He could have waited one more game,man. That's a sad deal to hear that. There's been a lot of memories,just hearing the calls."

Georgia WR Kris Durham, who grew up in Calhoun: "I was a bigGeorgia fan growing up. I always wanted to hear him call my name eventhough he kind of butchers it every time he says it. But it's sad. He'sa legend around here. Even when I watched the games back at home when Iwas younger, my dad would turn off the announcers and listen to him."

More from Durham: "I've got his greatest hits, just a little DVDthat shows the clips with him announcing them. I've seen a lot of them,and he's made some great calls like when he went through his chair inJacksonville, when Mohamed (Massaquoi) caught the touchdown, Herschel,it's just sad to see him go."

Georgia fullback Brannan Southerland: "I wish Larry would stillbe calling them, but he had an incredible career, and I don't think hecould be replaced here at Georgia. He was something special. You alwayswatch the game, but then you hear the radio clips and hear LarryMunson's calls. There are just tons of them that come to mind."

Georgia WR Mohamed Massaquoi: "It's sad to see somebody likethat finally step away from it, but he's done so many great things forthe university. He's been tremendous. I've had a chance to meet him,and he's a great person, great person to be around. His sound bytes aresecond to none, whether it be me or Stafford or Moreno back toHerschel, he's kind of is Georgia in a sense. You think of all thegreat plays, and his voice has always backed them. It's definitelygoing to be hard to replace a guy like that."

Georgia head coach Mark Richt: "What do you say when a legendsteps down? I'm grateful for the opportunity I've had to be associatedwith him. It's been an honor to work with one of the legendary collegefootball broadcasters of all time. I hope he enjoys his fullretirement and wish him the very best in all the things he decides todo."


RedCrake said...

Sitting (no, standing) in my apartment at College Park off Riverside with my best friend...
UGA/Tennessee 2001.

Greene passes to Haynes.


Jumping up and down.

I swear to God the floor was moving.

I don't remember the rest of the night.

Coondawg said...


It would have to be Herchels first game against Tennessee. We didn't get the game on TV that night so I had the radio on. I remember having the lights out and my eyes closed as I concentrated on his call of the game. I'll never forget that call along with the hundreds of other ones.
I;m devastated that he is gone.