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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Links (9/2)

Sorry this is a bit later posting than usual. Had to head to the ATL before going to the UGA Tuesday news conference. Here are today's links, and I'll have a post with news and notes from the day a bit later.

Jeff Owens spoke to media about his injury yesterday, which you can read about in the Ledger-Enquirer.

Proud Ohio U grad and former Frank Solich drinking buddy Paul Dehner Jr. is counting down five reasons not to sleep on the MAC in his blog.

The Gators actually feel bad for Georgia ... sorta.

The Tuscaloosa News has an interesting piece on recruiting in the SEC East. Steve Spurrier has clearly upgraded the visibility of South Carolina's program, Rich Brooks has upgraded Kentucky from joke to... um, less of a joke. But the job Mark Richt and Urban Meyer have done recruiting the past few years might be among the best in the country, given the competition.

The 33rd-highest-rated sports reporter in Albany gives props to UGA's freshmen. I'm kidding about Brian Perkins, of course. Everyone knows those rating systems are flawed. They don't take into account houses that have two television sets and other things of that nature.

Some SEC News: Spurrier named Chris Smelley his starter for Thursday's game after Tommy Beecher couldn't practice Monday. Could also have something to do with Beecher stinking... but that leads to too obvious of a "Smelley" joke. Also, former Georgia recruit and Mississippi State linebacker Jamar Chaney is out for the season.

And finally, Georgia Sports Blog celebrates Tennessee's loss to UCLA last night. As if it weren't bad enough that the girls are so much better looking in LA, now that city has TWO football team's better than Tennesee, too.

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