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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Links (9/23)

Tuesday reading...

-- Plenty on Larry Munson's retirement from the Athens Banner-Herald, USA Today, the AJC, Total UGA, Get the Picture and Big Hairy Blawg.

-- Mark Bradley sums up what Munson meant to Georgia.

-- It will be old-fashioned SEC football when Georgia and Bama have at it on Saturday.

-- Jeremy Lomax didn't enjoy being relegated to the sidelines on Saturday.

-- Nick Saban is concerned about Knowshon Moreno. In other news, the sun came up today.

-- Saban managed to come up with a blackout of his own on Monday.

-- Why do I keep forgetting to watch Mark Richt's blog posts? I'm sure he never forgets to read my stories.

-- The New York Times says the SEC might be a little too good.

-- Georgia Sports Blog puts this week's matchup into perspective, as does Total UGA.

-- The nation's top basketball recruit is considering UGA.

-- Cafe Press has your Knowshon blackout shirts. Of course, if you're not into the whole blackout, I highly recommend this shirt for the game.

-- A former UGA Bulldog is starring in "Les Miserables."

-- A University of Georgia study shows that Facebook can be used to detect narcissism. No truth that the study only included Urban Meyer's page.

-- And finally, a little bulletin board material: Watch around the 1:04 mark. It's a little tough to hear, but this Alabama coach (using a bit nastier language) says Georgia is wearing black because they're going to a funeral.


Ben said...

The funeral comment sounds clever at first, but the folks wearing black at a funeral aren't usually the ones getting buried. :)

Anonymous said...

No, they are the ones mourning. Which would be Georgia. Dumb ass!

Ben said...

Uh huh. And since every last Georgia fan, player and coach will be dressed in black, we will be mourning whom?

That's why it doesn't make sense, dumb ass.