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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Anonymous Poster

I've had more lucid conversations with Balinese cab drivers who only know six words of English than what our pal has been posting this week. My apologies to those of you not in need of prescription psychotropic drugs.

Did you know that during the last nine days our anonymous poster has only posted 1,754,963 ridiculous words, but in Wally Butts' nine years from 1940-1949, another anonymous poster managed 1,873,004 and won a consensus "craziest blog commenter" award? LIES!


Taylor said...

where are his comments? I never can find them

Anonymous said...

I am concerned, given your track record, that your predictions are pretty close to mine. I think we may lose three, but more likely two. I don't see us losing to Kentucky, but agree we will win in Jax. I think we lose 1-2 of the SC/Arky/MSU games. Running defense will ge our biggest question, but our offense can outscore some teams that will be able to run successfully against us. Good luck to you, thanks for all your efforts. (And yes, having lived in the Philly area for 2 years in the past, you will question your decision.)