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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Parting Shots

A note from a (shockingly) anonymous commenter yesterday:

"Monday's Loose Ends... You used the word 'I' ten times in 5 paragraphs...........egocentric much?"

But what could possibly be more interesting than me?

Well, either way, I don't want to come off as egocentric, so today, I'm letting someone else do the dirty work. Our pal Bernie held a formal exit interview with me, so if you'd care to read my departing words with him, you can find the interview on his blog.

Be back with one final post tomorrow as SEC Media Days kicks off without me. (*Sigh*)


Brandon said...

Hale, you will be missed my friend. You always did an excellent job with your coverage, analysis, and assimilation into the crazy culture that is Georgia football. I wish you nothing but the best as you hopefully cover a Phillies team that is constantly trying to figure out how to beat the Braves. You know as soon as baseball season is over, the stretch-runs in the respective conferences will just be getting started so come on home anytime and we'll have a glass of sweet tea or an ice-cold beer waiting on you. God speed friend, its always the best ones who have to go too soon.

Anonymous said...

Brandon, really? "It's always the best ones who have to go too soon" The guy is moving to Deleware. He didn't die. Seriously, you are a dork.

Anonymous said...

Spread your wings and fly David Hale! Chirp chirp!

-- Richt-Flair

TimberDawg said...

I agree with Brandon.

As a UGA Bulldawg Alum, it has been extremely satisfying to read your articles and blogs.

You are a class act and you will continue to have my respect as long as you keep your journalistic professionalism, consistency, and unbiased view to your topic that you have shown in your past publications.

You leave a large shoes to fill and I will leave them unfilled in respect. It has been a privilege and honor to follow your coverage of the University of Georgia Athletics.

You are a good journalist and people in your profession are few and far between.

I raise my glass to you in respect and in thanks.

Cheers to good fortunes and happiness!

Anonymous said...

DH it has been fun. I have passed many an hour "working" with your help. Best wishes....GO DAWGS.