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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fleeting Thoughts: Damon Evans

Answering a few of your questions and tying up a few loose ends...

-- This was really the most surreal thing I've covered at UGA. I like to think I'm a decent writer, but I have no words to describe the awkward tension in the room at that press conference. I had a buddy who once woke up naked on a random stranger's couch after drinking too much. I can only assume that must be what this press conference felt like.

-- Damon Evans' full statement was just under five minutes long, and his Q&A lasted about another five minutes.

-- This is going to be heard a lot after Evans' description of his relationship with Courtney Fuhrrman.

-- Evans' wife was at the press conference, along with Mark Fox and several of the top UGA brass. Only Fox talked with reporters afterward. "Damon met with the group this afternoon, and I think he wanted to, as he mentioned, apologize and take responsibily," Fox said. "He stood up like a man and did so."

-- The biggest question: Do I think Evans will keep his job? Honestly, I don't know, but I will say that virtually every source I talked to before the news conference thought he would offer his resignation. The fact that Michael Adams is on vacation may delay any sort of decision, too. But the truth is... this is going to be very, very hard for Evans to overcome at Georgia. Which isn't to say it can't be done.

-- Perhaps a good compromise on the situation was offered by Fletcher Page, who suggested Damon spend a year as athletics director at Georgia Military College, then be invited back to UGA.

-- The whole issue with the woman in the car remains a mystery, and certainly it's understandable why Evans wouldn't want to get into details on that. But if she was arrested, too, then something more happened at the scene, and when the video and police reports reveal those details publicly, an ugly situation could get much, much uglier.

-- Evans held back tears at several points, and he definitely took responsibility and offered contrition. But... statements about getting hammered by the press and saying he never considered offering his resignation sort of undercut some of that. I've talked to several reporters who said they wished they didn't have to write this story -- and I can say I'm at the top of that list -- but Evans deserves everything he gets right now. Feel sorry for Georgia and his family, but not for him.

-- And speaking of family... mine is in town for my wedding on Saturday, so this is probably all the reporting you're going to get from me for the near future. But more details are sure to emerge. Hoepfully the curse of Hale will be officially removed from now on though.

-- And if you're in Athens this weekend, I'll be wrapping up my beer card (AND TAKING CABS HOME!) so feel free to stop into Pauley's to say hello.

Have a great July 4th weekend, folks!


Anonymous said...

The evidence on the floor board of his car suggests that she's not "just a friend". Apparently there is audio of the arrest and Courtney going ape sh*t at the cop.. This will get worse for Damon before it will get better. I like the guy personally and would hate for him to lose his job. I think he's been an outstanding AD.

Daniel said...
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Southern Belle said...

I think the damage that he has done to himself and his job cannot be repaired. I mean we get SOOOO upset over these kids that do that, but to be honest he should be held to a MUCH higher standard. He is the person at the top. He is the one that they look up to....etc. Like you said, my heart goes out to his precious wife and kids. I can't imagine the pain that they are going through right now. Shame on him! I can remember coaches that have been in trouble like this, but not AD's. I think he should be fired, period. Anything less, would be a "slap on the wrist". That should also send a HUGE signal to the athletes that UGA will NOT tolerate this and they shouldn't tolerate it!

Anonymous said...

I think he will be fired. Any punishment short of that would be hard to justify especially with the girl situation still hanging in the balance. Being an AD is on a level by itself and with it comes a different level of rules.

TomReagan said...

For God's sake, David--get the hell out of town, now before an earthquake hits Sanford.

The Hale Curse is growing stronger by the minute.

Uganewt said...

Anon 8:52-

What's the evidence on the floor board of his car? I haven't seen anything about that in the articles I've read. Can you fill me in? Thanks.

hershall said...

sooooo funny, an 'arrested for DUI?' ad came up right under this post!

congrats and have a great weekend, hale!

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe there's still hope that it was actually the Damon Evans that played Lionel on "The Jeffersons" . . .