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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Damon Evans Arrested on DUI Charges

This counts as a REALLY bad story.

UGA Athletics Director Damon Evans was arrested overnight on charges of driving under the influence in Atlanta. has the full story and the mug shot. I'm still working on details, which I'll post as soon as I get them.

UPDATE (12:50 p.m.)

-- The AJC has a few more details including comment from a police spokesman. Still no word from UGA or Evans.

One interesting nugget out of the AJC report is this:

Wright said a passenger with Evans also was taken to jail. Wright could not immediately provide further details.

This adds a bit more intrigue to an already volatile story, depending on who the mysterious passenger was. If it was another UGA employee, that could be significantly more problematic.

As for the actual charges, Evans' apparent refusal to submit to a breath test violates the state's implied consent law.

Under Georgia's implied consent law, you are agreeing to chemical testing when you driving a motor vehicle. The implied consent law basically means that if you are driving you are "consenting" to DUI testing upon being suspected of DUI.

In the state of Georgia, you are required to submit to a breathalyzer is required by a police officer. If you refuse, you could lose your license or receive other penalties.

What that means is, Evans is subject to various automatic penalties which could include loss of driving privileges, but it is not legal evidence of guilt on DUI charges. So, there's still much we won't know regarding the situation for a while.

Of course, as has been said numerous times of Georgia's players following an off-field incident -- sometimes guilt is less important than how the situation appears. And this looks really bad.

I would expect some comment from UGA or Michael Adams at some point, but I've not been informed of a time table on that.


Castleberry said...

Oh no,
This is bad. How do you all expect this will play out? Resignation???

Blue Gill said...

That is about the dumbest damn thing I have seen in a long, long time. Way to go dumb ass.

If he does not resign he has to be fired.

Was he on a damn scooter?

Man this pisses me off.

Anonymous said...

The Hale curse takes a final victim....sigh.

Anonymous said...

not actually a curse.

Now we won't have an AD who is anti-Richt.

Anonymous said...

Well, we know that he'll be suspended for at least 10% of the season... so I guess he can't play AD for at least what 5 1/2 weeks? Which at $550k/year is $55k. Still, less than the price of a room at your choice of hotel in ATL.