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Thursday, July 22, 2010

OK, One More...

Forgot to mention this yesterday, but wanted to post it:

I have a ton of emails I've gotten from readers over the past few weeks but life has just been a bit too hectic to reply to many of them. I do promise to get to them at some point in the next week though, and I'm extremely appreciative of all of you who took the time to write.

Also, if you want to stay in touch down the road, my email account will likely be shut down soon, but you can reach me now at Feel free to shoot me a message any time. I'll probably be looking for mailbag material soon!

And lastly, among the many great comments to yesterday's post, this was one of my favorites. I figured it was worth sharing.

Posted anonymously… (See, not all Anons are bad)...

"Here is a handy-dandy comparison chart for your reference, in the hope that it eases your transition into Bizarro World:

Richie Ashburn = Herschel Walker
Mike Schmidt = David Pollack
Dallas Green = Vince Dooley
Tug McGraw = Kevin Butler
Steve Carlton = Fran Tarkenton
Bowa = Erk
Kalas = Munson
"Phiwwies" = "Dawgs"
Phanatic = Uga
Ringing the Chapel Bell = Booing & Throwing Snowballs at Santa Claus
Mitch Williams = Bryan Evans
Joe Carter (WS, 1993) = Dan Marino (Sugar Bowl, 1982)
Bobby Valentine = Steve Spurrier
Grover Cleveland Alexander & Gavvy Cravath = Frankie Sinkwich & Charlie Trippi
Whiz Kids = Junkyard Dogs
NY Mets = Florida Gators
Pittsburgh Pirates = Ga Tech
Braves = Alabama Crimson Tide
Washington Nationals = Vandy
Spring Training = G-Day
Lehigh/Reading/Clearwater = 3A, 4A and 5A GA high schools
The Vet = Between The Hedges
Citizens Bank = Butts-Mehre
Spectrum = Stegeman
Bill Giles = Don Leeburn
Ryan Howard = AJ Green
Roy Halliday arrival = Jarvis Jones transfer
Cliff Lee trade = Stafford/Moreno departure
JD Drew = Da'Rick Rogers
Blue Caps = Black Jerseys
Pat's King of Steaks = The Varsity
Cheez Wit = F.O.
Geno's = Poss's
Hoagie = Pulled Pork Sammich
Tastykake = Krispy Kreme
Ben Franklin = REM
Independence Hall = 40 Watt Club
Dick Clark = Dan McGill
ShopRite = Kroger
Wegmans = Publix
1980 = 1980
2008 = 2007
2009 = 2008
2010 = 2009
GB in Current NL East standings = UGA-UF record since Spurrier
Charlie Manuel's wet dream = Marc Richt
"You Suck!" = "Go Dawgs!"
Every Phillies Fan = Crazy Anon"

To keep yourselves entertained until the new guy starts (Aug. 2!) feel free to add to the list.

And thanks again for all the kind words.



CT said...



Anonymous said...

Braves could = Gators, but that makes more sense if we're talking about the Mets rather than the Phillies. We owned the Mets (esp. Chipper) for years and years. They truly hate us with a passion.

Phillies fans respect and fear us, but we never totally kicked their ass for years (remember 1993, anyone?).

So I agree that Braves = Tide. A tough game on the schedule and you hate 'em when they're good, but you also fear them.

Here's another:

Scrapple = Boiled Peanuts
(only natives would even try 'em, much less love 'em)

MauiDawg said...

Dave good luck to you and your bride in Philly. Hope you scored on some tasty waves in Bali. Now I need to figure out how I'm going to get my daily GA football fix... This just severely complicates my life now. We'll be drinking an extra beer in your honor at the beach tonight as a DGD. Hopefully your replacement will spell some good luck to our season and we go on a NC run! -Aloha and malama pono