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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Links (7/17)

It's Saturday in Athens.

My last Saturday in Athens, to be precise. To say I'm a bit bummed would be a vast understatement.

But it's been a good run. I'll have one more post coming in the next 48 hours, but I'm also packing up as much stuff as possible and trying to get in a few last-minute bits of Athens life (like breakfast at Mama's Boy this morning) before hitting the road in the morning to drive home to Delaware.

In the meantime though, I couldn't leave without one last batch of links, so here ya go...

-- If you're not already stoked for the season, Stuff of Legend should be able to push you over the edge with two great warm-up videos.

-- ESPN previews A.J. Green as part of its ongoing 2011 NFL draft coverage.

-- This proves nothing. I text many of my friends at least 250 times a month. But I do have to wonder how sincere Damon Evans was when he said, "I have a beautiful wife, who is going through a lot right now, of which it haunts me and troubles me," when he was on the phone with Courtney Fuhrmann just one hour after saying it.

-- Marc Weiszer writes that Warren Belin is happy to be at Georgia, but sad to see his former boss leaving Vanderbilt.

-- Rodney Garner defends Georgia's players after a rough offseason of off-field problems.

-- About Them Dawgs looks at how Georgia has stacked up against the spread -- the betting line, not the offense -- during the past few years. Interesting to see which teams have the best records in the SEC against the number.

-- Dancing in the Endzone looks at how important returning receiving yards have been in years past.

-- Blogging Pantsless wonders whether it would be wise to try to get Hutson Mason some early experience.

-- UGA Sports counts down the top 25 things to watch this college football season.

-- When I was first in journalism school, my professor made a point of railing against TV reporters on a routine basis. I used to think he just had an axe to grind, but he was right. Here's reason No. 6,347,219.

-- And just for fun, let's look at another great moment in TV reporting.

-- "Modern Family" Season 1 gets its DVD and Blu-Ray release on Sept. 21.

-- Betty White will be making a guest appearance on "Community" this season.

-- "Chuck" fans won't have to wait until midseason for new episodes this year. The fourth season debuts Sept. 20.

-- Best news I've read in a while: The "Arrested Development" movie script is in the works.

-- Comics writer and subject of the great movie "American Splendor" Harvey Pekar died this week. One of my favorite episodes of "No Reservations" featured Anthony Bourdain's trip to Cleveland, where he hung out with Pekar in his home town.

-- Spin counts down the 20 best albums of 2010 so far. I've downloaded several to help entertain me during the 12-hour drive to Philly tomorrow.

-- And finally, kudos to TBS for providing a proper George Steinbrenner tribute... "My baseball people kept saying Ken Phelps, Ken Phelps..."


AthensHomerDawg said...

Trade that lawn mower in for a snow blower, don't forget the rock salt but hold on to that beginner southern drawl may be back.
Good luck with it. Oh was your bride a southern gal?
just sayin'

Castleberry said...

good luck David