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Friday, January 9, 2009

FedEx's Friday Fun Facts

Sorry no updates today. Have a bunch of things I'm working on that I need to finish before the weekend. I did chat with Kris Durham today for a bit, and I figured I'd pass along a few quick notes...

-- He said Stafford left Athens today. He'll be training at API in Tempe, Arizona.

-- Durham, Chapas and Munzenmaier all share a house off campus with Stafford, who Durham said will continue to pay rent for the rest of the year so he has a place to crash upon return trips to Athens.

-- He said Stafford's decision was an extremely tough one. While most of the team expected Knowshon to go pro, Durham said they really didn't know ahead of time what Stafford would do. He said Stafford really struggled with the choice, but said in the end, it was impossible for him to pass up fulfilling a lifetime dream. Apparently Stafford and Knowshon told Durham at lunch just before Wednesday's press conference -- which was the first official word from them of the decision.

-- Still nothing official from Asher Allen on whether he'll be back next year, but I have heard from a couple reliable sources (no, not Durham) that he isn't going anywhere. Don't etch that in stone until we hear something firsthand, but that seems to be the likely outcome.

-- And this just in from FOX's college football crew: Tim Tebow has been nominated for sainthood. It's an unprecedented move for someone still alive and only in his early 20s, but the guy is just so darned great. This message brought to you by the good people of Federal Express. Remember, when you think awful football announcing, think FOX. And when you think reliable delivery, think FedEx.

1 comment:

Aligator said...

I know the play calling and the officiating for the Title Game were atrocious, but At least the Gators won .... Tim Tebow may not make a better pro QB than Stafford but at least he has passion fro his school.

The Dawgs will be better off with someone who really loves UGA and plays his heart out each week.