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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Links (1/13)

I'm very late posting this today. I apologize. I'm in the lovely town of Albany, Georgia, where the internet is still widely considered a fad. Anyway, today's links are now being brought to you by the good people at Starbucks.

-- So for the first time in the history of the USA Today Coaches' Poll, a BCS conference doesn't have a single team ranked in the top 25. And yet, somehow Georgia still has the worst record in the SEC.

-- According to the Red & Black, however, the Dawgs remain upbeat despite losing three straight games. If you ask me, this is their problem. There isn't enough anger about their failures. Seems to me that blowing big second half leads with awful decision making and less-than-aggressive play isn't "progress."

-- Former Georgia quarterback Buck Belue is suffering from Bell's Palsy. Here's hoping he's doing much better soon.

-- The AJC looks ahead at what might be in store for Tech and UGA next year.

-- Bunch of good podcasts from 960 the Ref... Gym Dogs assistant Jay Clark, hoops assistant Pete Herrmann, and Chris Brame takes an early look at the 2009 SEC. Also of note, I'll be on 960 Thursday morning around 9 if you feel like listening to me sound like an idiot on the radio for about 15 minutes.

-- So the Braves couldn't shell out an extra $2 million for John Smoltz, but they can offer $24 million more than the next closest bidder for Derek Lowe? Mark my words, they will regret this deal in two years.

-- Meant to link to this yesterday... It's good to know Saturday Night Live still has its moments of hilarity.

-- Also, word from UGA is that Asher Allen is still considering his NFL options. The fact that he hasn't come to a decision yet tells me two things: 1.) The review board gave him encouraging feedback, and 2.) It's a distinct possibility that he's leaving. I'm not saying that Georgia won't miss Knowshon and Matthew, but if Asher decided to leave, too, he'll be the hardest of the three to replace. Georgia just doesn't have another experienced corner to plug in for him.


Jeff Malmquist said...

Luckly it's your birthday, so the Albany Dawgs can't get too sore at you over your internet comment there. :-)

David Hale said...

The lack of internet is a worthwhile trade for a birthday breakfast at Corner Cafe regardless!