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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thompkins Talks Favors

Talked very briefly with Trey Thompkins today about the decision of his good friend Derrick Favors to play his college ball at Georgia Tech instead of UGA. Favors said Thompkins had given him a hard sell on the Bulldogs, but in the end, he thought he had a better opportunity at Tech. Here's what Trey had to say...

DH: So Derrick is headed to Tech instead of Georgia despite your sales pitch. You going to have to give him a hard time now?

TT: Me and Derrick are still going to be best friends. I'm happy for his decision. I'm happy he's going to go to a place where he feels like he can shine the most and be the most productive. We'll see him once a year, so we'll just have to see what happens.

DH: I guess you're looking forward to that matchup then?

TT: It's going to be a good game. Being that we've been playing together for years, I think it should be fun to watch he and I guard each other.

DH: So did he let you in on where he was going ahead of time?

TT: Nah. I talked to him two days before, but on the day of the commitment, he turned his phone off.

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