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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reshad Jones Planning to Enter Draft

Just a day after Georgia lost its most experience defensive back in Asher Allen, safety Reshad Jones is poised to leave school early and enter the NFL draft as well.

Georgia sports information director Claude Felton released a statement Tuesday saying that Jones, a third-year sophomore, was certain he was staying at Georgia, but the safety confirmed Wednesday that he has changed his mind and is leaning toward heading to the NFL.

"I'm probably leaning toward leaving, but I'll know for sure in the morning," Jones said.

Thursday is the deadline for underclassmen to declare their eligibility for the draft, and Jones said he will have an official announcement then.

Jones said in November that he had submitted his paperwork to the NFL review committee for underclassmen, but said at the time it was strictly for informational purposes. He declined to discuss what he learned from the committee Wednesday.

Jones said that Allen's surprise decision Tuesday to forego his final year of eligibility to enter the draft did not play into his reversal on remaining at Georgia.

"Not really," Jones said. "I'm making my own decision and just doing what's best for me and my family."

Jones finished second on the team in 2008 with 76 tackles and was the only member of the Georgia secondary to record an interception. He finished with five picks for the season, including one in what appears to be his final game in the Capital One Bowl.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that 2006 class, the one with all the "stars" has been a total bust. They left no mark on the program whatsoever.

No wonder the 2008 team played like a bunch of quitters. THEY WERE.

Good riddance. I hope all the trash is being taken out now so that we can move forward and get back to the way things were before the 2006 class came to campus, back when UGA played with heart and guts and played every snap as if it were there last.

It will be great to have a team we can root for again next year. No more sh*t talking on every tackle (or missed tackle). Guys hustling and playing for each other, for the University of Georgia. I cannot wait.

Trey said...

Yeah, let him go. This 2006 class has been such an absolute joke. I can't think of a bigger waste of talent than this class.

Anonymous said...

All of the draft-eligible Gators look to be returning. It's just like how their basketball players dedided to delay the NBA for a year and returned to win back-to-back NCAA championship.

Meanwhile, our guys are fleeing like rats from a sinking ship. What gives?

Anonymous said...

I love how our idiot fans are now ready to jump on an entire recruiting class because 4 of its members decided to start getting paid for their efforts. For your information, most of the members of the 2006 class are still in school, working hard, doing their best to represent the university. And this "absolute joke" of a "trash" class also helped us finish #2 in the country last year...certainly that is worth SOMETHING.

All that being said, Reshad is making a huge mistake in my opinion. He's one season of living up to his potential away from being a 1st round pick. Now he might not get drafted. Way to think that one through!

Trey said...

I love how idiots continue to claim finishing #2 at the end of a season really amounts to something. We'll just ignore the fact that they haven't won the east, haven't been in an SEC title appearance, and still lost to South Carolina and trampled by UT last year which was the only time they've come close to sniffing a title. If you want to call other fans idiots, make sure you have something other than "guyz, we finished #2 last year!1!!". Moron.

Anonymous said...

Dude, so f'n be it! Let's get back to be a TEAM and have guys that want to be at UGA. I'm almost comparing this to the '07 Falcons. Let's get rid of the guys that want to get out of the program! I honestly hope they all do well, but i can't wait till '09! Let's get a team put together!

papadawg said...

Why in hell would Reshad want to leave a school where an extremely vocal contingent of the fan base constantly bitches and moans, calls for the firing of several coaches, and (most importantly) calls him out personally? I mean, he gave up 45 to Tech by himself, right? Yeah! Well, then he deserves to have the loudmouth idiot fans pick on him for the remainder of his time at good ol' UGA. Yeah! Because, I'm sure they could tackle those GT RBs (like they did for the '86 Hahira High School Team, back in the day).

He's got it so good right now.
I just can't understand why he'd want to leave all that behind...

If it were me, I would DEFINITELY pass up the opportunity to pay for more money than I'll ever see...just to return to my good ol' alma mater that loves me so dearly
Yeah, what a bad decision

Anonymous said...

Except for the fact that Jones might not make an NFL roster nest season and could legitimately be out of the league within several years.

It doesn't really make any sense to leave college after only 2 full years of playing experience when you haven't really proven anything other than that you have very poor tackling technique and no discipline on the field whatsoever.

It's a strange decision to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I am a little glad Reshad Jones is taking his patented "shoulder bump" tackle to the NFL. Well, that may be a bit hasty. He appears to at least be taking it out of Athens.

jferg in NC said...

This does hurt the "depth of talent" in our secondary. However, hunger and desire superseed talent. With Asher and RJ gone, our boys will have the SPRING of their life. Think of how many position battles there are out there going into spring:
1. QB- open
2. RB- open
3. FB- open
4. OL- besides Jones at Center and Boling somewhere...they will be battling
5. TE- open
6. WR- AJG and Moore look to be locks to start..the other spots are open
7. DT- locked with studs
8. DE- very open
9. LB- locked with studs
10. CB- wide open
11. FS- wide open
12. SS- probably Banks

Can you imagine how much energy and passion will be on the field with SO many people vying for starting spots? At least 30 young men now have a legitimate shot at the starting role in 2009. I LIKE THIS PROBLEM!!!

David Hale said...

Papadawg --- Good points, I think. And you're getting hyped over at GTP now, too:

Dash said...

Fullback is not an open position... Chapas' to lose at this point, he was starting over Southerland at the end of the year.