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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Links (1/27)

Spanning the interwebs to bring you the constant variety of links... the thrill of Ellerbe, the agony of Toby Jackson, and the human drama of Neil Diamond performances... these are today's links...

-- I included a few quotes from this in a notebook last week, but here's the full story on Georgia's new dedication toward its offseason workout program.

-- Georgia's pass rush took a big hit yesterday with the news that Toby Jackson will spend 2009 in junior college rather than on the Bulldogs' defensive line.

-- After a disappointing senior season, Dannell Ellerbe is focussed on the NFL draft.

-- Former Bulldog Hines Ward says he'll be ready to play in the Super Bowl. And Hines has reason to be excited -- a bear thinks the the Steelers will win.

-- Tim Tucker has some notes on AJ Green, Matthew Stafford and Geno Atkins in his latest blog.

-- Sounds like we can pretty much put those Willie Martinez to the U rumors to bed. Man, never has so much been made over one throw-away line in a South Florida newspaper article with no sourcing whatsoever.

-- Speaking of assistant coaches, I would scoff at what UGA is paying Bryan McClendon, but I'd happily take that salary any day.

-- Marc Weiszer has a handful of notes about Corvey Irvin, Asher Allen and Georgia recruiting.

* By the way, we'll be meeting with Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger later this afternoon. I'll have a post up tonight with some notes and quotes.

-- Former Georgia guard Mike Mercer has been kicked off the South Florida basketball team after his second arrest in four months.

-- Mark Gottfried is out as Alabama's head coach just a few years after an Elite 8 appearance. Dennis Felton, however, remains at UGA.

-- Dan Mullen is off to a nice start at Miss State when it comes to landing recruits, reports David Paschall.

-- This is an interesting post from Georgia Sports Blog, which calculates the actual costs of Stegeman Coliseum and Sanford Stadium.

-- Kyle King points out that Jan. 27 is a particularly historic day for UGA.

-- This is sort of a sad story from the Banner-Herald: Mark Richt was working to establish a trust fund for Decory Bryant, a former cornerback who suffered a career-ending injury in 2003, but the university asked Richt to cease his efforts after Bryant sued the school.

-- I'm guessing a few of you are Braves fans... here's the schedule for the team's winter caravan.

-- I'm generally opposed to remakes, but an '80s version of "The Wonder Years"? Now that might be an idea I can get behind.

-- I've never been able to decide whether I find tribute bands to be awesome or pathetic, and I think it all comes down to how seriously they take themselves. I think this guy leans a little too close to the latter category. Of course, when it comes to Neil Diamond tributes, they don't get any better than this.


Anonymous said...

David- re the Decory Bryant story. UGA fans might be interested to know that Decory's attorney, Hue Henry, was Jan Kemp's (RIP) attorney. Remember her case against the athletic association? It took down 20 year veteran UGA President Fred-what-was-his-name and also cost UGA schollys for several years.

Hue Henry does this kind of thing for fun.

HVL Dawg

Gen. Stoopnagle said...


Dan Mullen is at Mississippi State. You accidentally typed Ole Miss.

HVL: Davison. Fred Davison.

David Hale said...

Got it... My bad. I was a little groggy still when putting these together.

Anonymous said...

You're right HVL. It was all Hue Henry's fault. Georgia had no responsibility in admitting illiterate athletes, committing academic fraud, and using them to reap millions of dollars in profits.

Oh, and it also must be all Hue Henry's fault that UGA didn't turn in Decory Bryant's insurance policy on time too.

So glad intelligent people like UGA alum (and I'm positive you're not one), the Judicial System, and Coach Mark Richt do not agree with you.

Thanks to Jan Kemp speaking out on behalf of student athletes, Georgia was forced to do the right thing by ALL of their students and the athletes they recruit. Thanks to Hue Henry's representation of her case she was vindicated after having to suffer admonishment by moronic, ignorant rednecks. And thanks to Jan Kemp & Hue Henry, the NCAA revised standards for student athlets across the board - for the better, not only for athletes but for Universities as well! In case you haven't heard, higher eduicational standards are actually a good thing.

And thanks to Hue Henry, UGA AA might finally be forced to do the right thing in taking responsibility for their screw up in shorting Decory Bryant out of the money & medical help he so richly deserves! As Mark Richt has said multiple times, its about doing the right thing. But I guess that's a concept lost on those that either don't understand all the facts or truly love the University and the student-athletes that give their hearts & souls to play there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:56

Mercy, mercy.

Please read again my post from above and tell me how I insulted Hue Henry, Jan Kemp or you.

Maybe you know Hue Henry. I've been on the other side of one of his lawsuits but still I don't and didn't insult him. I don't think Hue Henry would deny that he does these kind of cases for fun. I think he lives for these kind of cases and I think he would enjoy saying so. There's no dishonor in that.

Was I disrespectful to Jan Kemp? Fred Davison got what was coming.

UGA needs to do right by Decory. My point was that if they don't---Hue Henry will see to it that they (including you and me and every Dawg fan)pay- big time.

HVL Dawg