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Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Links (1/12)

First, Joe Biden is elected vice president. Then Joe Flacco leads his team to the AFC championship game. If they decide to make a new "Melrose Place" and give Andrew Shue a role, I think this will officially be the greatest 3-month span in the history of the state of Delaware. How do you like that, Wyoming!

Obviously, I'm pretty excited today, too. The Eagles are headed to the NFC Championship Game, which still has me utterly amazed. How in the heck did this team tie Cincinnati two months ago? I don't know what to make of it. A pretty hefty contingent of my friends are already planning on a Super Bowl trip but I've been down this road too many times to get cocky. That said, I'm planning on a little vacation time in a few weeks so I can take a trip to Tampa. Hopefully Donovan McNabb can meet me there.

On to today's links...

-- It's not just the Eagles that have inexplicably made my sports fandom worthwhile lately. Syracuse looks legit, and this dunk by Johnny Flynn was sick!

-- There's something vaguely tragic about this: Remember when Herschel left Georgia to take Donald Trump's cash in the USFL? Well, not much has changed for the former Bulldogs running back.

-- Speaking of Georgia running backs leaving school early, this was a classy move my Knowshon Moreno.

-- The Sporting News takes a look at the success of rookie running backs and wonders where Knowshon may fit into that discussion next year.

-- Knowshon isn't the only big-time SEC runner leaving school early.

-- This is an odd coincidence. I always assumed if my name and Matthew Stafford's came up in the same news story, it would've involved a downtown Athens bar, a girl with extraordinarily low standards and Fred Munzenmaier.

-- Georgia Sports Blog takes a more in-depth look at the coaching staff shake up. My two cents: I think Bryan McClendon is a fantastic hire. As Get the Picture points out, recruiting can be a young man's game, and I think B-Mac will do a great job of it.

-- Speaking of GTP, the Senator has a ton of fun links from this past weekend: This Tim Brando interview and Thom Brennaman link top my list.

-- The vivacious Jay Adams does a nice job of putting FOX's Tim Tebow love fest into perspective.

-- Good to know Georgia isn't completely incapable of winning basketball games.

-- My favorite distant relative of Ralph Waldo Emerson sums up this year's bowl winners and losers for the State.

-- The AJC has a nice piece on Joe Cox. I must say, I'm impressed with how quickly Georgia fans have embraced Joe. In Philly, we look for any excuse to complain about bad news. I rather enjoy this bit of optimism from the Georgia faithful.

-- Kyle King puts a ribbon on 2008, while Vols Extra's John Adams takes a look at what might be in store for the SEC in 2009.

-- I'm posting this link just for my friend Meredith... This better earn me some brownie points.

-- It's stuff like this that makes me miss living in a big city. Well, sort of.

-- And finally, while he may not be leaving office as the most popular fellow, there's at least one good reason to miss George W. after he's gone.


Steve said...

I attended UGA from 1999-2003. I love Georgia football, but for some reason, I've always had a special place in my heart for Georgia basketball.

My first year was also Harrick's first year, and the Dawgs were terrible. I could arrive 15 minutes before tipoff and get a seat 10 rows up in the student section. I'd get yelled at for trying to stand during the game, DA Layne would hit a few 35 foot threes, and we'd lose by 20. Good times.

By my senior year, the Hayes brothers were in town, Ezra Williams was the new DA Layne, the Dawgs were ranked, and I had to wait two and a half hours before the game to get my seats. We stood the whole game, the place was sold out, and the atmosphere was electric. A thriller against Tennessee, culminating in an Ezra Williams buzzer beater in front of the student section, probably ranks as the best sporting event I ever attended while in school.

I was heart-broken when the Harrick scandal broke, though I was hardly surprised. Georgia knew they were hiring a win-at-all-costs guy, and that's what they got. However, I was hopeful that some of the progress he'd made would stay even after he was gone.

Yet here we are. The arena is rarely more than three-quarters full, and only half of those are Georgia fans. Players who stay and play are outnumbered by those who transfer or act foolish and get booted off the team. But even more concerning, there is an alarming lack of fundamentals being displayed on the court.

If Georgia was able to break a press, something a good high school team should know how to do, they would have beaten Missouri and Georgia Tech, and the Tennessee game might have changed. If Georgia could hit free throws...if Georgia ran it's offense through the post (it's painful to see Trey call for the ball the entire game and know that no one knows how to feed the post)...if Ajax wasn't a walking turnover...the list goes on...

There's not a lack of talent. The Dawgs have made it clear the last few games that they can play with some good teams. There's just a lack of execution down the stretch, and it will continue to cost them wins.

I like Dennis Felton. He seems like a good man (which I consider a job requirement) who runs a clean program. He coaches a ferocious defense. However, I think I am finally giving up on him. Too many of these fundamental errors have to fall at his feet. If things continue as they are, and if he doesn't win the Derrick Favors sweepstakes, then I have a feeling he is gone.

I really don't have a great point here. This is mostly just venting. I will continue to watch every televised game. I'll probably go back to Athens for the Mississippi State game. I'll remain as optimistic as possible about the future. And I know UGA will continue to throw dollars at the program hoping to fix it.

I'm just starting to realize that someone like me, with a passion for Georgia hoops, is very much in the minority...and I wonder if that destines us to lifetime of mediocrity...

Vent finished.

DawgCPA said...

Excellent post, uh, vent. My fondest memory is much further back and much more vague when (I think I have this right) in the late 70's we beat LSU, in OT, standing room only, national tv audience.
Unfortunately, I totally agree with your observations. And the only conclusion that can be reached (and the tacit point to your vent) is we need to make a change. I too had very high hopes for Felton and think he's a good man with many key attributes. He's kept the ship from totally sinking but I just don't think he can take us to that next level. I think even if we win the Favors sweepstakes, we need someone else to teach the fundamentals. Maybe it's as assistant issue?