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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Offseason Injury Report

Courtesy of the fine folks in the UGA sports information dept., here's a quick run down of the offseason injury report:

Upcoming surgeries (all will miss spring practice):

Bruce Figgins, shoulder
Rod Battle, shoulder
Justin Fields, ACL
Matt DeGenova, shoulder
Akeem Hebron, remove ankle hardware
Cornelius Washington, remove forearm hardware
Neland Ball, patella tendon
Chris Davis, hip

Others who will miss spring practice still rehabbing from surgeries/injuries .

Darius Dewberry, shoulder
Jeff Owens, ACL
Craig Sager, shoulder (not to mention the bad suits)
Trinton Sturdivant, ACL
Vince Vance, ACL

Limited initially in spring:
Dontavius Jackson, knee


Mickey Shamrock said...

Well, 14 is a better number than 24, that's for sure.....speedy recovery, gentlemen!!!

DawgCPA said...

Craig Sager's suits! Nice!

Anonymous said...

Well, that sucks. Looks like the coaches already have a built-in excuse if we play poorly next year.

I see that we will have no depth at DE during Spring. That's fantastic. Toby, please hurry up and get here. We need you!