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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Georgia's Next Leader

Ok, so I know a lot of you are bummed, but I thought this might get you a bit more excited for next year.

I'm still working on some stories and I'll have a much longer post up in about 90 minutes, but I wanted to share these two quotes from Joe Cox, who met with reporters for about 20 minutes today. While he doesn't try to throw anyone under the bus, I think he says here what a lot of Georgia fans have already been thinking...

On what he can bring to the offense:

"I've always tried to be a leader, that's one of my strong points. I feel like I can get this team together and have everybody have the same goal and hopefully bring some fire to everybody. I'm a rah-rah guy. I like being vocal. I like getting loud. That's just how I play. Hopefully if I can transfer that to just a couple other people on the team, it could spread like wildfire. That's just how I like to play. I've always looked at Brett Favre and how he played and how he went crazy on the field, and that's just the type of guy I want to be when I play."

On whether that intensity was missing this year:

"Maybe at certain times. Now is it something that I feel that if I would have been in it would have been changed? No. But I felt like at times, and really throughout my career, you can see certain games where it just seemed like we were flat. We just needed somebody or something to spark it, and hopefully I can bring the way I like to play, hopefully that can change some things and maybe bring some fire to us."

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Carter said...

Here’s to Cox being a ginger DJ.