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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Links (1/28)

I'm heading to Gainesville today to cover the UGA-Florida hoops game and maybe do a little jorts shopping, so I won't have time to post anything else until I get there. I'm considering doing a live blog from the game, as I'm sure I can come up with some sarcastic banter about the game. In the meantime, however, here are a handful of links, and I'll also be posting the next batch of quotes from Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger's Tuesday media session.

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph on Murray and Mettenberger, if you prefer your quotes buttressed by dramatic prose.

-- And remember my story from yesterday about Georgia's new attitude in the weight room? Well, check out how some Florida fans feel about it.

-- WR Steven Hill says he's staying a Yellow Jacket. I liked him better when he was on Law & Order.

-- David Ching looks at the important role Joe Cox will play this season (and offseason).

-- I also have a piece on Dustin Ware and his potential impact on the struggling Bulldogs hoops team.

-- Think things are bad now for the Bulldogs... Tim Tucker looks at the road ahead for the 0-4 SEC cellar dwellers.

-- Tons of good stuff over at Georgia Sports Blog today, but I definitely recommend reading Quinton's continuing debunkization (I just made that word up... and can you bunk something or just debunk it?) of the myths explainging Georgia's basketball failures.

-- Here's the official Georgia baseball preview.

-- Courtney Kupets is no joke.

OK, enjoy "Lost" tonight but don't ruin it for me... I won't be able to watch it until Thursday.


Bernie said...

If there's anything that will get me fully behind Dennis Felton even for just a couple hours, it's a game against the Gators.

Loved the quotes in the blog. And the article was even better. Great work as always.

(And that was Quinton's debunkization on Georgia Sports.)

Anonymous said...

Urban Meyer has asked Tim Teapot to start eating more peanuts and corn.

What is up with that?