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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost and a Link

No links today (sorry... there really just aren't enough UGA stories being written for daily links, so I'll probably scale back to 2-3 days a week for a while), but I wanted to pass along this interview 960 the Ref did with former UGA wide receiver Damien Gary, who is now a teacher and coach at Clarke Central. It's a good discussion.

Also, anyone have any thoughts on last night's "Lost" finale?

I won't give too much away for those still waiting to watch it on DVR, but I will say I was both excited and a bit dismayed about the plot twists.

A few thoughts:

-- The Rose & Bernard thing was lame. I liked the message they tried to get through, but I liked them as characters, and it seemed to me (although I could be wrong), that the way that was handled was a bit of a cop out.

-- I though that the ongoing plotline of last night's episode was interesting, but it seemed kind of forced to me -- like an idea that the writers had two weeks before writing it that had no precedent.

-- The whole plot of the past three episodes -- that the past could be changed -- makes no sense. It's the inherent logical falacy of time travel. If you go back in time to prevent a series of events from happening, then you also prevent the events that lead you to go back in time in the first place. It's a paradox that cannot be resolved, and I feel like that's just been ignored in favor of furthering the story.

And that has been my problem with this season. Ridiculous stuff always happened on this show, but I never felt like I had to ignore it in order to enjoy the show. It always followed some sort of "rule." This year, I feel like I've had to not ask a lot of questions in order to stay involved in the story, and that's the opposite of what had always made the show so good. It wanted you to ask questions. (For example, as pointed out by a reader, how is Helloise pregnant 30 years in the past with Daniel, yet in the scenes set in 2004, he looks like he's about 40?)

Having said all that, it was a tense two hours, and after the final scene, my first thought was still... nine more months before I get to find out what happened?!? So I'm still excited about next season, but I definitely think this was my least favorite season of the show by far.


JM said...

Miles could have been right...

Maybe they are operating on a ciclical view of history and not a linear view... aka they didn't change the past, but rather this always happens.

That could also explain the whole Locke getting Richard to take the bullet out of his leg thing.

More importantly, though, is who the heck is this 'other' guy in the beginning with Jacob who comes back in Locke's body. Like woooooah.

Bernie said...

Good synopsis JM. Miles has become one of my favorite characters.

Probably my favorite part of the finale was that it ended by (kind of) answering the question posed at the beginning of the show. Mysterious new character says he plans to kill Jacob and we (and Jacob) wonder how that might happen.

Along that line it was a typical Lost finale. Answers some questions while setting the table for the next season.

How many weeks 'til January?

David Hale said...

Good points, and I suppose that is the loophole. I agree that Miles has really become a great character. Not sure if any of you were Sopranos fans, but the actor who plays Miles did an absolutely amazing job playing a patient in an insane asylum in the show's final season.

Will Q said...

I thought about Miles's theory, but the problem with that is that in the Dharma films from past seasons, Dr. Chang talks about the "incident" that creates the need to push the button. Miles told him to get as far away as he could when he saved him last night, but I'm not sure he could outrun a nuclear blast (assuming that the whiteout was the blast and that it acted as a normal blast does even in the presence of the electromagnetic pocket).

By the way, my word verification is 'trustche.' Trust Che? What kind of commie blog are you running here, Hale? ;-)

Bernie said...

Carter, yes! Loved Sopranos.

The Incident - check out this recap:

Hobnail_Boot said...

This was also my least favorite season, but my favorite finale. As to your points:

1) The Rose/Bernard/Vincent scene accomplished 2 things. First, it gave us a nice conclusion to the storyline of 3 characters. Second, it led to a major clue when Alana went into the cabin; did you notice the now-sideways-hanging painting of Vincent? It was Rose and/or Bernard that broke the ash circle, thus finally allowing FeauxLocke out.

2) As to your last point, I think the writers have known all along that this season was going to be a bridge that was tough to explain, and that's the main purpose that Miles (and to some extent, Hurley) has served all season.

My own thoughts:

1) Jacob went out of his way to physically touch Kate, Sawyer, Sun, Jin, Jack, Sayid, and Hurley. He didn't have to touch Alana since she'd already been to the island before.

2) I bet Richard is on the Black Rock.

3) The loophole is that FeauxLocke can somehow co-occupy the body/spirit of a dead body that arrives on the island.

4) Him touching Locke and reviving him reminded me of Walt.

Jperez said...

Come on David. This was the best season. Time travel in and of itself is a paradox. There is no one way to think about time, we don't have the ability to conceive what time is actually like.

Paul Westerdawg said...

The entire show is about Free Will vs. Fate/Destiny. Even Jacob told both Ben and Hurley that it was their choice to move forward.

Now the real question is...does Free Will alter destiny or does destiny just evolve based on the decisions we make via free will.

Like...shooting Ben being the trigger point for his becoming Evil...instead of just doing it on his own without Sayid.

Noops Dawg said...

I re-watched the finale last night and I caught a few interesting things.

1. I froze the screen at the very end when it flashes to white and says "LOST." Right after that, it shows an eye open up for a split second. Well, I paused on the eye, and it looks like Juliet's eye. I'm 99 percent on this. Also, in the reflection in her eye, it appears that she's looking up the well/hole. So I'm thinking that we're going to start the last season with Juliet waking up still down in that hole.

2. Interesting point about the cabin, Hobnail_Boot. I never thought of Rose and Bernard going to the cabin and breaking the ash circle, but it sort of makes sense. Remember how Rose and Bernard acted a little bit pissed off with Kate, Juliet, and Sawyer? They said something about, "You people always getting in fights." Remember the "bad guy" at the beginning talking to Jacob? When he saw the ship off shore, he mentioned how those people just come to fight, corrupt, and destroy. Sounded similar to what Rose and Bernard were saying.

3. Now here's one that I'm in no way certain on, but I think it's a really interesting thought. We saw a lot of "flashbacks" with Jacob talking to some characters and mysteriously touching them. Think back to the "flashback" of Ilana in the Russian hospital. Her face is completely bandaged, and where you can see her mouth, it looks very damaged. Jacob comes up to the bedside to see her.

He says, "I'm sorry I couldn't make it sooner."

Ilana replies, "I'm very happy to see you..."

And then Jacob asks her to help him.

If Ilana's face is so messed up and bandaged, why does she look fine, with no scarring, on the island in the finale? She also seems to know who Jacob is, and she for some reason is "happy to see" him. Why? Maybe because last time she saw him, he was dead (in the foot of the statue).

That's right. I think that the Ilana/Jacob scene is a FLASHFORWARD, not a flashback. In other words, Jacob may come back somehow, and some incident is going to happen that causes Ilana to get so beat up and end up in a Russian hospital. I think we're going to see this scene again sometime in the final season.

(I have no certainty at all about that theory, but I think it makes a lot of sense. The writers have done this before, doing a series of flashbacks and then throwing in a flashforward secretly to throw viewers off. Also, I noticed that Jacob is wearing very black clothes when he visits Ilana, while he always wore white when on the island. My guess? Jacob is going to end up being a bad guy of some sort. We're just being tricked to think he's the good one.)