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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Quick Links

Happy Memorial Day to everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the extra day off, but don't forget to take some time to remember the meaning behind the holiday.

There's a lot on tap for us this week. I'll be stopping over to chat with the Diamond Dogs after regionals are announced at 12:30 on ESPN, then I'll be in the car en route to Destin for the SEC meetings this week.

There will be a bunch of updates coming from the meetings, plus a few other bits and pieces of news, but in the meantime, here are just a few links for the day.

-- ESPN profiled Mark Fox and the immense job in front of him as the head man at UGA.

-- Georgia is already on the minds of the Oklahoma State Cowboys, three months before they are set to face off in Stillwater.

-- In a shocking turn of events, the AJC has yet another story on the Cocktail Party game.

-- There will be at least one fewer frustrating defensive end in the SEC East this year.

-- While the baseball team waits to find out where it will play regionals, the softball team is headed to its first college world series.

-- Georgia's track & field squad had six players earn All-SEC honors.

-- And finally, I linked to this story when the Rocky Mountain News announced it was closing a few months ago, but I'm doing it again now, because there is probably no better salute to the military on a day like today than this. It's a long one, but I can't encourage you enough to read it.


Anonymous said...

How many drug tests did Jarmon actually fail to be suspended for the entire season?

Are there some new rules about drug testing that have not really been publicized?

I know that Ufk players can fail 6 drug tests before they get any suspension.

I assume that Figgins failed his 2nd test to get the 6 game suspension this year.

There really seem to be no standards set up, but Jarmon got an entire season for failing one test?

Can you shed any light on this, David?

David Hale said...

Figgins, et al reportedly failed internal drug tests. The NCAA does not require schools to self-report an internally failed test. But Jarmon failed an NCAA test, which requires a full season suspension. So that's the difference (although a ludicrous one).

I'd actually highly recommend this article on NCAA drug testing which explains the process and underscores the absurdity of it:

gene said...

I don't quite know whether to thank you or curse you for offering the link to the story in the RMN. I first read it when you posted earlier and could not bring myself to comment then. But something about today has prompted me to finally say thanks for making me even more aware of what our fighting men and women endure on a daily basis for our freedom. If this doesn't make you thankful and proud to be an American you obviously have no nerve endings.

Gen. Stoopnagle said...

I like seeing what the Oklahoma press is thinking as a proxy for what approach OSU is bringing to the first game. The article has a familiar, 2007, sort of ring to it.