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Monday, May 18, 2009

Owens: We're Underrated

After all the hype that surrounded Georgia a year ago, the silence this season is deafening.

With the majority of the Bulldogs' stars departing for the NFL, the expectations aren't so high this season -- in fact, Mark Richt admits that it's nearly impossible to gauge how good the 2009 Dawgs might be -- but at least one of Georgia's veterans thinks a few more folks should be excited about this year's team.

"I think this is the most underrated team since I've been here," defensive tackle Jeff Owens said. "I think this team has a lot of doubters out there, and people think we've fallen off since we've lost (Matthew) Stafford and Knowshon Moreno. The one quote I always say is 'Tradition Never Graduates.' We have a rich tradition here."

But Owens isn't just talking about some dusty old traditions. He honestly thinks this year's team could be dominant -- every bit as good as last year's squad was supposed to be, but for exactly the opposite reasons.

"It doesn't matter who's the best team, it matters who's the best team on that field," Owens said. "If we go out and play Georgia football, no team can stop us, in my opinion. I feel like we have a lot of great talent and a lot of great young guys. We have a hell of a defensive line. I think this team is going to be controlled by the lineman play. If the offensive line plays great and the defensive line plays great, we'll be unstoppable."


jferg said...

Can you post a line-by-line list of who is hurt and when they will be back? (only those who will be back for Fall Practice please)

I'm having a hard time seeing our depth because of the injuries.

I agree with JO...unfortunately, May talk means little...the thing I do like is JO is obviously leading the DL with his mouth. He's setting the bar high for the DL play. Let's just hope everyone buys into this and plays up to this bar!

Yodi said...

I see this team as being similar to Alabama's from last year. Not a lot of big time names when it comes to skill guys, but very very solid in the trenches where games are actually won and lost. The media gets so caught up in the hype of the big name attention getters. The 2009 Dawgs will arguably have the deepest OL in the country and you won't find a team with a better DT rotation... of course the jury is still out on the DE's though. I honestly think the loss of Moreno is quite overrated. I'd rather have this year's OL (assuming everybody is healthy) with this year's RB's, than last year's OL situation with Moreno.

Anonymous said...

Prove it Jeff. We have 41, 45, and 49 reasons not to believe you.