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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No Word on Suspensions

Georgia could be without three players to start the 2009 season due to suspensions, according to

The Web site reported that tight end Bruce Figgins, defensive end Justin Houston and wide receiver Tony Wilson would each be suspended for an undetermined period after violating team rules.

Head coach Mark Richt would not confirm the suspensions Wednesday, however, saying in a statement through sports information director Claude Felton that "there is nothing to report" at this time.

Georgia was plagued by off-field incidents a year ago and began the 2008 season with more than a half-dozen players suspended. Things had been quiet on that front so far in 2009, with Richt noting that he was employing a stricter approach to discipline this year.

Still, Richt cautioned that these issues are likely to crop up at any program.

"We do have to remember these guys are human," Richt said last month. "These guys are being watched more closely than probably any group in the state of Georgia. There's no place to hide. So am I going to sit here and say that these guys are never going to make a mistake again? That's very unrealistic, but I think at least we’ve had a very good start and guys, as a whole, want to do the right thing. But shoot, who knows what tomorrow brings, right?"


Anonymous said...

Well here we go...unbelievable.

jferg said...

there are some things that are minor and some things that are will be interesting to see which of these it turns out to be. (let's hope for the former)
i do feel bad for those 3 guys though...because Richt is going to have to set an example with them since they are the first to really mess up in this new, more discipline-focused era. I wouldn't count out a healthy dose of suspensions, if for no other reason than setting the tone for the summer.
Figgins and Houston really hurt, too. Who knows...could be a blessing in disguise, right?

Anonymous said...

i heard they were smokey the dooby