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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chat Wrap: Week 12

Thanks, as always, for all the great questions today. If you missed any of the chat, you can read the full recap at

I'm heading over to Butts-Mehre now to chat with Mark Richt for the final time before Saturday's regular-season finale. I'll have notes up a bit later today.

If you're traveling for the holiday, be safe. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and we'll do another chat again before the bowl game (assuming they have the Internet in Shreveport).


Carter said...


Came in late to the chat, and saw that you alluded to Evans possibly being unwilling to spend more money on assistants. What reason would the athletic department have for hoarding all that surplus money? And if coaching changes are made, do you foresee it necessitating a move to multi-year contracts for assistants?


Anonymous said...

Something that is failing to get mentioned and I did not get it in your chat today, deals with if Willie is fired then that opens up two new coaching spots. D-cord and Secondary Coach. Does this mean we need to find a D-cord who also works with the secondary? If so, doesn't that limit the potential applicants?

David Hale said...

Theoretically, yes, but that assumes that...

a.) Only Willie leaves and,

b.) None of the other assistants could move to become a secondary coach, similar to what Ball did with receivers last year.