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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Teleconference Notes (11/8)

Not much to come of the Sunday teleconference with Mark Richt, but here are a few tidbits...

-- Richt said the coaching staff has a much better feel now of how to use Georgia's tailbacks in a way that compliments each other, but added that giving playing time to Washaun Ealey has been a big boost to the running game.

-- The other major addition to the running game has been the new-look offensive line. Richt said that it's easier to help a tackle in pass protection than to help a guard in run blocking, so moving Cordy Glenn inside and pairing Chris and Josh Davis on the right side has been effective in opening up more holes down the middle.

-- Richt said he has yet to decide how he'll handle the penalty issue this week. He said he's unlikely to stick to the policy he had last week of removing a player for the remainder of a series after a flag, but said he hasn't ruled out pulling them for one or two plays after a penalty.

-- One of those things you probably don't notice from the stands or on TV, but Richt said Fred Munzenmaier had the best game of his career and attributed some of the running game's success to some exceptional blocking done by the second-string fullback.

-- Richt said he's getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of takeaways, but said much of the problem against Tennessee Tech was caused by the Golden Eagles' overly conservative approach. Despite being down big early, Tennessee Tech still threw just 16 passes in the game, and few were farther than 10 yards. Richt said the best play on a ball was made by Baccari Rambo, who nearly made a nifty catch for a pick on one of TT's rare downfield passes.

-- Richt said defensive end Montez Robinson had been very homesick, but downplayed the freshman's considerations of a transfer. Given Robinson's two-sack performance Saturday, Richt said that's often all it takes to give a boost of morale to a freshman.

-- A.J. Green and Justin Houston are both expected to play this week.


Dawg '85 said...

Hopefully, we'll see Rambo a bunch in these last few games. Never looked forward to the end of a player's eligibility as much as I am the departure of Bryan Evans. Can't wait for him and large body, no brain Vince Vance to go... Vince's mother will pick him up since he doesn't have a license.

Ally said...

Wow, fans like you '85 really give the rest of Bulldawg Nation a bad name. That post made me nauseous.

Its too bad your life is so empty and pathetic that you have nothing better to do than beat down some kids playing a game. And a game i'd bet my life you NEVER played at a Div 1 program.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Thanks David for the teleconference notes as always. I really appreciate what you do for the Dawgs!

I hope to God our players know that the vast majority of Bulldawg Nation supports ALL of our players and the vast majority of us would never say something so heinous about a young kid...playing a game...and trying to earn an excellent education.


JasonC said...

I don't sweat no takeaways in this game because if you are forcing 3-and-out on more than 50% of their possessions, you are taking it away. Sure, they move it with a punt, but at least they aren't driving.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ally!

And Dawg '85, people like you are the reason I quit reading the AJC blogs. So please, if you must be an idiot, you'll have plenty of company at the AJC. Leave this blog to those of us who want real coverage.

Great job as usual, David.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You guys have really put me in my place. You're right. You are great fans, and I love reading all of your brilliant points.

Dawg '85 said...

Believe me, I'm far from the typical AJC blogger. My opinions, while sometimes pointed, are based on football experience and a lifelong devotion to UGA.

And when I feel strongly enough to call out a player, it is based on on-field evidence and usually echoes what DH and bloggers have said.

We don't need more rah-rahs and pompons... we need true, discerning fans who can be both critical and supportive.

As for some of the posts in this thread... we don't need crude personal pot-shots... which, by the way, YOU started, Ally!

Anonymous said...

Dawg '85, sorry if I misjudged you. I'm just sick of being embarrassed by some of our fan base. I know it's a tough season, and I do expect changes, but surely there's a way for us say that without making idiots of ourselves.


Ally said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrew said...

Well I didn't expect this when I clicked on these comments...

DevildawgNC said...

Indeed, a shocking set of comments. Dave, I know you were avoiding regulating on these comments, but they're starting to look like the AJC boards.

Dawg '85, you may think you're giving helpful, pointed analysis, but really you just sounded frustrated and spiteful. I doubt there's much of anyone excited about seeing Bryan Evans on the field, but that doesn't mean you should feel entitled to speak the way you did. Oh wait, the anonymity of the internet grants you that entitlement--how could I forget?

As for the degeneration that followed and made Dawg '85 look like a saint...SHEESH. Someone's dad failed to whip you, or failed to teach you what it meant to interact as a member of a civil society. Oh wait, this is the internet, not civil society. Nevermind...

rbubp said...

There's another UGA blog that suits you all's speed a bit more closely. You'll have a good time over there, I promise.

If you choose to stay here, do you mind refraining from juvenilia like "skllfkg" and "fatty" and "pathetic" and "empty lives" when there's a topic at hand that could be discussed?


LivingInDixe said...

The pot shots some of you ass clowns are taking at Ally are childish and ridiculous. She is absolutely right. Players put their blood sweat and tears into this game and should be given the respect they deserve .

I know Ally and I can tell you she knows more about UGA football and football in general then almost any man I know. To tell her to stfu and other things I will not repeat just because you don't agree with her is pathetic. And just so you know she is absolutely stunning and a very gorgeous woman.

AU23WDE! said...

Ah looks like the UGA fans are keeping it classy as usual. Wait... What's that smoking off in the distance?? Is it... is it... oh yes its the smoldering remains of what was once the UGA football program. Up in smoke! Hope you guys are ready for a beat down this weekend between the hedges. Ben Tate, Chris Todd, and Antonio Coleman are coming. Oh yes, thats right children, Joe Cox is looking to add on to his already impressive 12 INTs for the season. Looks like its gonna be a long game on Saturday. WAR EAGLE!

rbubp said...

I'm sure you're an expert on smoldering remains. Of course, you guys are long past the "remains" stage and well into the "gaping void of second-tier irrelevance" era.

Hope we beat your arses yet again! :)

AU23WDE! said...

You are right my friend, after the 2008 season I can spot a programs downward spiral from a mile away! But, I would not go so far as to say AU is in the "gaping void of second-tier irrelevance" era. AU has proved that last year was the combination of bad coaching decisions and just "one of those years", which is something you guys know about...right? Just ask Michael Dyer who is on the rise back to its usual place. It still is a mystery to me as to how a team can't even win the SEC East with players like Stafford, Morreno, Massaquoi, Curran, and Green. Then again UGA always has top 10 recruiting years and people have yet to see these guys REALLY produce. Fingers can be pointed at coaching IMO. Its time to do a little house cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Seems like some promising acknowledgments from CMR. At least he's focusing on issues that need to be addressed and not sidestepping them. Besides the fact that this was 1-AA, this is perhaps the most promising week this season.

rbubp said...


Your avatar pic says a lot about you. Let's see how many players injured from dirty hits we can find!
I'm sure the whole of UGA is glad to have you around for your sage advice, given your extensive experience with mediocrity. I know I am!

Stafford, Moreno, Curran, et. al. didn't have any trouble with you guys.

Here's to a great game on Saturday!

David Hale said...

Ally & others... Sorry but I didn't go through these comments until this morning. I'm against censoring opinions on this blog, but I won't allow personal attacks or let the comments spin out of control. Sorry for not zapping those posts sooner.

Dawg'85... what you've offered is sincere criticism of the team. No one has to agree with it, but at least you handle it the right way.

Others who want to name call can find another place to post.