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Monday, November 2, 2009

Cox Remains Starter, Green Out

Per UGA release...

University of Georgia head football coach Mark Richt confirmed Monday that senior quarterback Joe Cox will remain the starter for the Bulldogs.

"It was unanimous among our staff that Joe gives us the best chance to win and that’s where our focus needs to be.,” said Richt. “There’s still a lot of football left this season. We tell our players to finish the drill and we are committed to doing that this week and each week the remainder of the season. We have faith in Joe that he gives us the best opportunity to do that. At the same time, we do plan on Logan Gray getting some playing time this week at quarterback.”

Richt also updated the injury situation from Saturday and status for this week’s game against Tennessee Tech. He said A.J. Green suffered a pulmonary contusion and will not play this week; Clint Boling had a knee contusion and is probable; and Justin Houston suffered a hyper extended elbow and is doubtful.

And from the SEC, regarding Brandon Spikes:

The Southeastern Conference has reviewed and accepted the disciplinary actions taken by the University of Florida regarding football student-athlete Brandon Spikes. The university suspended Spikes for the first half of its next game (vs. Vanderbilt, Nov. 7) for an unsportsmanlike act during the Gators' last game (vs. Georgia, Oct. 31).

ADDENDUM: Here is what Brandon Spikes had to say:

"I accept responsibility for my actions and I accept the consequences of my actions. I would like to apologize to my team and the coaching staff and Washun Ealey. Football is a very physical and emotional game, but there is no excuse for my actions."


Anonymous said...

What a joke. The SEC just lost a massive amount of national respect. Mike Slive is protecting the conference's interest. I cannot look at my conference in the same way ever again.

Anonymous said...

What miracle does Mark Richt think is going to come along and save him? Joe Cox is the best we've got? If that's the case, Georgia is in a whole heap of trouble, not just for the rest of this season, but for a couple more to come. I never thought I'd be a Mark Richt doubter. WOW!

Benjamin said...

Cox still starting, minus aj. Wow.

Spikes for a half a game. Wow.


Dawg '85 said...

Pretty much what I expected all the way around. It's probably best to leave Cox in for whatever shred of stability they can maintain, and hope his wobbly duck high throws don't result in more receivers getting pulmonary contusions.

Get Logan Gray enough posessions, not just snaps, to determine if he needs to be in the mix going forward.

I hope the offensive focus will be on running game. See if this line slotting can move the ball. Settle on Ealey/King/Thomas backfield and convince Samuel he can make a bigger difference at LB in future. And instill some old-fashion discipline for O line penalties... run a mile after practice... linemen hate running.

And I expected nothing more from UM or Slime over Spike's blatant thuggery... Urban must fear Vandy a bit if he won't sit him a full game.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many will be in the stadium on Saturday.

Yodi said...

One half for a malicious deliberate attempt to injure an opponent. Hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

My guess is fewer than 75,000 at the stadium on Saturday.

But we will just have to wait and see.

Uganewt said...

Murray is either clearly not ready to play (mentally and/or physically) or he's not enough better than Cox to pull his redshirt with only 4 games left. I think if he hadn't had the elbow issue early in the year, he'd have played by now. I understand the benefit of getting him snaps so that he's not completely green next season, but I'd still like to beat Auburn, UK and take a run at tech (who gave up 31 to Vandy Saturday). If he's not ready to do that right now, I'd rather keep him on ice.

It's pretty evident that Logan Gray isn't as good as Cox, and I can't imagine him holding off Murray next season.

Anonymous said...


We are addicted to mediocrity.

Thankfully, there are other things that I can do with my Saturdays.

the anonymous suckup said...

So let me get this straight. Mike Slive thinks a coach criticizing game officials is a worse offense than a player intentionally trying to blind another player. Nice. The real shame is that this is what we all expected. We didn't expect Florida or the SEC to do the right thing. We had no reason to do so, but we had lots of reasons to expect what we got. It's a sad state of affairs.

the anonymous suckup said...

Oh...and one more thing...what do you think the reaction would have been if Reshad Jones had been caught gouging Tebow's eyes? Certainly the reaction from the game officials, the media, the coaches, and the league would've been exactly the same, right? Riiight.

PatinDC said...

Wow. Just wow. Not much more you can say about either of those decisions. I hope JC rembers this time fondly when he is older and coaching his own team. He will never again have a boss this loyal.

Thoughts on Murray…

IMHO we are now playing for next year. If that is the case, than one of QB’s we have on the team will have to be the starter next year. I can’t begin to speak about each one as I have not seen anything but the G day game and the pitiful little series that LG got to have in the FL game.

If the concern is about burning the redshirt for Murray then I have some questions.

1.Is he really all that?

2.If he red shirts and has 4 full years, so will Mettzinberger. Which one gets to be the QB? I thought they were both great. Why create another situation where the QB's are on the same timeframe and neither has a chance to break thru.

3.Are you saying the over the next 4 years we will not have a QB come in that can compete with these two? This seems like a problem to me.

I would like to see some game experience to the back ups period. Playing Joe anymore is just throwing next season away too. I don’t understand the need to red shirt in today’s game. If the guy can contribute, then let him play and don’t worry about how long he will be there. I thought this staff said they learned a lesson from RS with Moreno?

It seems to me that either they forgot the lesson, or have recruited inadequate QB’s for our system. Pete Carroll is taking his lumps this year so the team will be better in the future. We are taking our lumps this year for what? If we are going to lose 3 out of the next 4 anyway, make it count for something.