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Monday, November 2, 2009

What's a Pulmonary Contusion?

Courtesy of a link from our friends at the Bill Shanks Show to a site call FreeMD:

"A person with a pulmonary contusion has a bruise to the lung, which results in bleeding into the lung tissue. The collection of blood can prevent oxygen from passing from the lung, into the bloodstream. Pulmonary contusions are caused by severe chest injuries, such as multiple rib fractures or a sternum fracture. "

We don't get to speak to Mark Richt today, but I'm sure he'll be asked on his radio show. This doesn't sound like a one-week injury, eh? At the very least, let's hope A.J. Green is feeling a lot better than that description sounds.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope nothing was broken, if it wasn't, the resolution time isn't particularly long

Look under the Management section:

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant under the Complications section

Anonymous said...

It's a fancy term for a bruise, and its nothing serious. AJ could play this weekend if he needed to. Andre Johnson of the Texans had a much worse case of this than AJ (he was spitting up a lot of blood during the game) and he played the next week. No worries Dawgs.