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Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Links (11/13)

Happy Friday, folks. For some reason, I woke up this morning with "My Heart Will Go On" stuck in my head, so you know it's going to be a rough day. But, hopefully some links will get things going in a better direction...

-- If Rennie Curran does decide to head to the NFL, the Red & Black's Fletcher Page writes that the Dawgs may already be developing a solid replacement.

-- T Kyle King offers all you'll need to know about this week's game against Auburn.

-- Get the Picture looks at how Georgia stacks up in some key situational stats this week.

-- The Banner-Herald looks at the key matchup between A.J. Green and the Auburn secondary.

-- The Grit Tree has some video of some recent Georgia highlights against the Tigers.

-- Track 'Em Tigers does some reminiscing from Auburn's perspective, too.

-- The accent may make him stand out in a crowd, but Arthur Lynch is pretty popular among his teammates.

-- Eye on Sports Media has a cool story on the history of night games at Sanford Stadium. With four home games under the lights this season, it's the most night games at Sanford in one year since 1943.

-- Andy Bitter writes that the road team traditionally has the upper hand in the Georgia-Auburn rivalry.

-- Texas quarterback Colt McCoy can tie David Greene's NCAA record for wins as a starting quarterback this week against Baylor with a shot to break the record against Kansas in one week.

-- Daugman's Chronicles offers five ways Georgia's basketball program can change its persona under Mark Fox.

-- I talk to Trey Thompkins about the upcoming season and what he hopes to accomplish in his sophomore campaign.

-- Tim Tucker writes that Fox has Georgia's players amped to get the season started.

-- Gordon Beckham will be on hand at Sanford Stadium on Saturday to receive a special honor from teh school.

-- Bubba N Earl have a wrap up of their appearance on "Masters of the Tailgate" this week.

-- With the championship game already decided, FOX Sports says it's a good thing the refs in the SEC are so bad, since that's about all we have left to keep the games interesting.

-- If I could have passed Finite Math by learning in 140-character increments, I would have probably been a much more successful student.

-- Here's an interesting list from Nerve: The 15 greatest acts of rock rebellion. Pretty crazy how tame most of it seems now.

-- I don't know how you put together a list of the most culturally relevant beards of all time without including Grizzly Adams, Uncle Jesse from "Dukes of Hazzard" or Jack's awful fake beard from the "Lost" flash forward.

-- College Humor has a great video poking some fun at all the Seth McFarlane shows on FOX these days. "Zut alors! This cat nip is suburb!"

-- And finally, all these "best of the decade" lists are pretty much the same. I'll tip my hat to The AV Club for taking it a step further -- not just the best TV shows of the decade, but the best episodes of the decade. I just don't happen to agree with ANY of their choices.

I'd be hard pressed to come up with a complete list, but "That's Got His Own" -- the second-to-last episode of Season 4 of "The Wire" would probably earn my No. 1 spot, with "The Constant," from Season 4 of "Lost" coming in at No. 2. "Through the Looking Glass" is probably the most memorable episode of "Lost" but I think that was more about the big surprise at the end rather than the making of a truly complete episode.


Universal Remonster said...

As far as the TV episode thing goes, I think that in a list that long it's criminal to deny How I Met Your Mother - "The Pineapple Incident"

David Hale said...

Good call... I was trying to think of what my favorite episode of HIMYM would be, and that's probably my choice, too.

Universal Remonster said...

Yeah... it's always a toss up between that one, "Slap Bet, "Swarley", "How I Met Everyone Else", and "The Naked Man".

And honestly, it seemed like this week's episode got a lot of flack, but beyond the fat suit just being too big and over-the-top, I actually liked the writing quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

No G.G. Allin in the rock moments? He could probably be 1-15.