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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Veazey Paralyzed From Waist Down

Doctors updated the media today on the condition of Georgia secondbaseman Chance Veazey. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend, but the AJC has the full story. It's an absolutely awful situation for a kid who had a whole lot ahead of him before this accident, but he sounds like he's keeping a positive attitude, which is good to see.

I mentioned this on the blog yesterday, but if you're interested in helping the Veazey family through a monetary donation or you just want to keep up with Veazey's progress, here's the information you'll need:

In lieu of flowers and food, the family has set up a “Prayers for Chance” fund to help offset medical expenses through Athens First Bank and Trust Company (AFB&T). Donations may be sent to AFB&T, attention Phil Bettendorf, Senior Vice President, P.O. Box 1747, Athens, Ga., 30603. Donations can also be dropped off at any Athens First Bank location.

A website where individuals can send Chance messages and check for updates has been set up by the family. To send a note to Chance and the family, please visit:


Anonymous said...

Not to nitpick on a serious subject like this DH, but in this case it's spelled "waist".

Anonymous said...

then why nitpick? Everyone knew what he meant. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

also, prayers for Chance and his family! Great kid and here is hope to a bright future!

Anonymous said...

This kid's STILL got a lot ahead of him. I hope and pray that he'll keep the positive attitude that he's displayed so far, and I hope that the Bulldog Nation won't forget this young man. There are medical advances being made all the time, and while it's unlikely that he'll regain the use of his legs, it's also not impossible. Keep fighting, Chance. We believe in you, and we want to do whatever we can to help.