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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Teleconference Notes (11/1)

A few bits of info from today's interviews, though nothing particularly intriguing came of them...

-- Spoke with Nick Williams. He left the game Saturday with cramping but said he's fine.

-- Mark Richt did not have injury updates on the other Bulldogs who went down in the second half Saturday -- Justin Houston, AJ Green, Clint Boling -- but said that it was his understanding that none of those injuries were particularly serious.

-- Richt said he'll be evaluating all positions but would not elaborate on any potential changes that might be made. He said there may be more evaluation than normal of personnel at tonight's practice and that he may have more changes by Tuesday.

-- Richt pointed out that, while the offensive turnovers have been a huge problem, the lack of turnovers created by the defense have been just as problematic. Some of that, he said, has been a lack of players making plays, but pointed to the Bulldogs having recovered just 1 of 10 forced fumbles as an example of how the ball simply hasn't bounced Georgia's way very often either.

-- Richt said he did not see any footage of the Brandon Spikes' eye-gouge of Washaun Ealey but said he was informed of it by someone else. He refused to comment directly about that play, but said that in any case in which he feels there is a question or problem regarding a rule, he does report them to Rogers Redding.

Spoke with Aron White, too, and he said he thought the incident with Spikes was a matter of a player's emotions getting the best of him during the game and did not think Spikes was a malicious player.

-- And speaking of White, he had stiches under his left eye, courtesy of Arthur Lynch. The freshman tight end was apparently a bit too excited after White's TD and managed to gash White's eye celebrating after the play.

-- Regarding Aaron Murray, Richt said the freshman QB has no serious injury issues at the moment and that he scrimmaged live with the team during the open week, moving around well.

-- And finally, regarding any potential personnel changes, Richt said they will all be determined by what will help Georgia win its final four games. Looking ahead to 2010 will have no bearing on the decisions he makes regarding who plays against Tennessee Tech this week.

-- I had planned to ask about the Florida field goal where Georgia had too few players on the field, but Richt had to cut things a bit short for a meeting. I'll ask about it later this week.


Anonymous said...

If he is not looking to 2010, he is simply an incompetent boob.

Yes, he should try to win games this year, but everything done for the rest of this season should be with an eye cast toward the future.

This program is seriously infected right now. We need to implement a serious treatment plan. Part of that will be going 4-0 over the next month. Part of that will be building a foundation for 2010.

Either Aaron Murray or Logan Gray must see significant and meaningful snaps in every game the rest of this season. There is simply no way that either of them can be worse than Cox.

If they do not know all of the offense, then we should simply cut down the amount of plays we run and focus on running them well.

I am really starting to wonder if CMR is simply not a very smart man.

Anonymous said...

"[T]he incident with Spikes was a matter of a player's emotions getting the best of him during the game and did not think Spikes was a malicious player."

I don't see how you cannot look at Spikes's history on the field and think that he is not a malicious player. I mean, letting your emotions get the best of you is hitting a quarterback late. Attempting to blind someone is nothing but criminal and malicious.

The SEC needs to step up because it is their league. They will be liable if do nothing and then Spikes does it again, blinding someone, or if someone else gets away with this knowing that there will be no reprimand with clear cut evidence.

LaGarrett Blount (sp?) and Marcus Vick were both punished after the incidents occurred on the field. It needs to be the same here.

jt said...

This team needs a bowl game for the extra practice for our young/inexperienced players. that extra month can be invaluable.

Dawg '85 said...

After watcihng CMR's show with Chuck "Howdy" Dowdle on SS, I am convinced it is all about CMR's hair... his lack of attention to detail has finally crept into his coif.

Just as he's overlooked discipline on the team, he and "watergirl" have overlooked aesthetic details.

DH... u need to look into CMR's heritage... I suspect he is related to Alfalfa from "Little Rascals"... they both have butt cut with sprout in back... it actually would explain alot.

Check the video and convince me I'm wrong!