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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spikes Goes Dirty

If you haven't seen it yet...

To answer the numerous questions: I don't know what, if anything, can be done about it now. I will ask Mark Richt about it during his teleconference this evening though.


Anonymous said...

CUM will sit on it for awhile and he will be suspended for their game with Florida International. Or he will be dealt with "internally."

I wish he would be internally dealth with by a tire iron.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean, nothing can be done? There is video evidence that he maliciously attacked a defenseless player. In my mind, this is a much worse offense than that committed by Blount earlier in the season. Forget about Tebow's "concussion." People talk about permanent damage to his brain, what about permanently blinding another player?

By the way, this simply highlights how terrible the officiating was yesterday. I saw so many dirty plays by Florida that simply werent called. Facemasks, blocks in the back, etc, that could have drastically changed field position. On the other hand, the refs seemed to be straining to make calls against Georgia, like the late hit out of bounds when tackling #25 while he still had a foot in bounds and was turning up the sideline. This game is so rigged. It is insane. Florida gets away with the most ridiculous stuff game in and game out and its sickening.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing Carlos Dunlap doing a similar thing to a LSU lineman a few weeks ago. In that case, the LSU lineman was also down and Dunlap clearly jabbed him in the eye, intentionally. My question: why does the league allow UF to get away with this crap? Are they being coached to do this, or is it just tolerated by their coaching staff? Regardless, it's a referendum on the UF coaches and it's the league's responsibility to do something about it.

Castleberry said...

I was very upset at this play.

Forget penalties and suspensions - this should be dealt with as a criminal matter. Imagine if Washaun was you child. I want that THUG behind bars and I want this tape to run on ESPN this week and next April on draft day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Gators are just fine with this. Many think it's just "the way it is in a tough game." I call BULLSHIT. This was a deliberate attack that was caught on tape. How can the refs not see this? Is their field of vision only effective from about 2-4 feet away? Urban Meyers won't do a damn thing, except a little wrist slap. The Conference, on the other hand, better do something about this because if Spikes gets away Scott free on this, I suppose anything is fair today in the SEC. I tell you what: I'd use a metal detecting wand on that motherfucker before I'd ever let him into my stadium.

rbubp said...

"This game is so rigged. It is insane. Florida gets away with the most ridiculous stuff game in and game out and its sickening."

What do you expect when you have a private corporation running the show--determining all on its own who gets into what position for what accolades, and which teams (oh--sorry--"conferences") get preferential treatment in 100% of all matters?

You think Mike Slive and all the rest of those conference commissioners aren't middle managers with a mandate to protect the product and the revenues? Who oversees THEM???? Don't even say the NCAA. You know that's bogus.

lilyodi said...

It would be a shame if Bitchdon Spikes does not get suspended for this.

Anonymous said...

The video is evidence enough for a felong warrant for assault on this sob.

Anonymous said...

The _ _ _ _ with CUM. Let's
(UGA RB) get a felony warrant
and arrest Spike's for assault.
His action is the kind of dirty play that Josh Davis was probably re-acting to on his unsportsmanlike penalty for apparently knocking Spike's helmet
off when the game was winnable.
Let the ref's and CUM know that we protect out players if they won't.

Anonymous said...

This is an issue that Urban should deal with and if he doesn't then it is a bad reflection on the coaching staff, team and university. Lets keep the pressure on and see if the coach addresses it!

Anonymous said...

Why let Urban handle it. It was our player that was mugged. And from his statements, it was a regular thing.
Amazing the camera caught it so well and the refs never did.

Anonymous said...

OK, so Coach Richt apologized for the players dancing after Georgia's first TD in '07. A TD which, by the way, UF had an entire game in which to exact revenge.

Now, Urban has called TOs unnecessarily to rub Richt's face in a blowout and has had a player resort to dirty play - emotions or not - in another decided game.

Where's the apology?

Don't hold your breath, because there won't be one from Meyer or Spikes. And the SEC won't demand it or reprimand the coach or the player. It's just further evidence that Florida is held to a different standard and our coach/AD carry no influence in B'ham.

Alvin said...

Hey even Tebow condones what Spikes did. Is he (Tebow) going to lose his halo?