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Friday, December 18, 2009

Big Day for Seniors

(Photo from Jeff Owens' Twitter)

A big congrats to the 15 UGA players or former players who will graduate today:

Joe Cox (QB)
Rod Battle (DE)
Stephen Braue (S)
Ricardo Crawford (DT)
Bryan Evans (S)
Andrew Jensen (K)
Prince Miller (CB)
Mike Moore (WR)
Jeff Owens (DT)
Vince Vance (OL)
Marcus Washington (LB)
Kade Weston (DT)
Tony Wilson (WR)

And, of course, congrats to all the UGA students -- not just the football players -- who will be receiving their diplomas today. Now... about that job market...


dan9124 said...

ha! good luck, I graduated in May 2008 with honors and a year and a half later have zero to show for it. hooray recessions...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for recognizing the student part of the deal. Way to go dawgs!