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Monday, December 21, 2009

Dawgs of the Decade: Vote Early, Vote Often

We've still got a few very close votes -- on the O line, wide receiver, tight end, etc. -- and a couple days left to vote in our Dawgs of the Decade series. If you haven't voted yet -- or, like in Chicago politics, if you just want to vote again -- head over to and cast your ballots for all of the positions.

We have just one more position left -- running back -- which I'm guessing won't be too close of a vote. Still, I'm hoping to get a few more comments from you guys, too. If you have good stories or favorite plays from any of these players, let us know about them, and we may use your comments in our All-Decade edition of the Telegraph on Dec. 27.

If you want to look over the ballots one more time, you can find them all HERE.

A few other thoughts on the series after putting it together:

-- It is insane how much talent has come through this program in the past 10 years. If you were to make up a list of Georgia's 10 best at every position, you could make a pretty good argument that half the WRs, safeties and defensive tackles as well as the No. 1 overall defensive end, a few of the top corners and linebackers and three of the five or six best quarterbacks and tight ends all played in the past decade. That's certainly no disrespect to the great players who came through Athens in the previous hundred-or-so years, but Georgia fans have definitely had a lot to cheer about during that time.

-- I had failed to realize how much of Georgia's 2000s talent ended up on the Eagles roster: Witherspoon, Clemons, Reggie Brown, Max-Jean, Sean Jones... strange, eh?

-- The toughest votes for me were at wide receiver, safety and a second defensive end (after Pollack).

-- After typing up the resumes for all those players, the one guy whose work surprassed what I had really appreciated he had done was probably Mohamed Massaquoi. When you add to his numbers the fact that he mentored A.J. Green through a freshman year that set a new standard at UGA, I think Mo Mass had about as big an effect on Georgia this decade as almost anyone.


Anonymous said...

David, Question
Do you think that Mohamed Massaquoi will become the next Deion Branch, if Holmgren takes over the Clev. Browns, which he appears to be on the verge of doing (in his system)?

David Hale said...

that's probably not a bad analogy, although I think Mo Mass has a bit more size than Branch. He's not the fastest guy in the world, but he has solid speed and he's a reliable pass catcher.

Of course, Deion Branch had Tom Brady throwing to him. Cleveland doesn't exactly have that.

rbubp said...

What, Cleveland's got Brady! You guys just aren't paying attention! :)

Carter said...

What is remarkable is how little Donnan got out of his talent. His teams were like the Cowboys of the late 90s, lots of great starters but no depth.

Keese said...


It would be a lot easier to vote if all the polls were on a single page. Maybe seperate from the bios. Regardless I still voted.

Anyone remember Jermaine Phillips hit on that poor GA Southern guy in 2000 to open the season. He picked that guy up in the air and did a WWF atomic drop. I've tried like hell to find a you tube video on that. Hardest hit I can remember EVER seeing in any football game...period. That guy was hands down the most feared hardest hitting safety at GA. More than Blue.

Anyone rememeber that same season the hit he put on that guy (I think Vandy) before he was about to cross the goal line? Not only did he knock the ball out, the player was knocked out, stone cold. We recovered the ball and saved a touchdown. Man I miss that kind of defense at UGA. When players FEAR us on defense.

Something that will blow your mind....since I was speaking of that 2000 season. Look at the roster that year. I think I counted close to 20 future NFL players on that team. How in the hell we did not win a NC that year?