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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let's Chat: Bowl Season!

Maybe you've still got some crucial deadlines to meet before taking off work for the Christmas break.

Maybe you still have some all-important gifts to track down at the mall to get wrapped before Christmas morning.

Maybe your boss has threatened to fire you if you don't stay off the Internet and stay on top of your TPS reports.

But none of that means you should skip our live chat on Wednesday at noon because it will be your last chance to get in your UGA questions before the bowl game.

Want to know about the DC search? About the matchup with Texas A&M? About how much I'm auctioning Tim Tebow's tears for on eBay?

Well, you can submit your questions now at and check back at noon Wednesday for the answers.

See you there!


Anonymous said...

There was some talk, back in the spring, I believe, about Aaron Murray's brother joining the team. Have you heard anything about that recently?

Anonymous said...

He did join the team. Its his older brother who played minor league baseball prior to going to college. I think he's a wide receiver. They did a feature on it on the Mark Richt show one week this season. He may have gotten some special teams work but not much else.

Anonymous said...

How's the email situtation? Any Update?

David Hale said...

Email still screwy, but working on it today. Keep your fingers crossed!