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Friday, December 4, 2009

No Bowl Game for Dismissed Coaches

From UGA release...

Three University of Georgia assistant football coaches whose contracts will not be renewed have declined the opportunity to coach in the Bulldogs' bowl game.

Defensive coordinator and secondary coach Willie Martinez, defensive ends coach Jon Fabris, and defensive co-coordinator and linebackers coach John Jancek were offered the opportunity to coach through the bowl game but have declined according to head coach Mark Richt.

"Despite the situation, Willie, John, and Jon are all outstanding men and outstanding coaches," said Richt. "They have all accomplished some great things during their tenures at Georgia. Willie and Jon (Fabris) were part of all three of our SEC Eastern division titles and two SEC championships. John (Jancek) was part of our 2005 SEC title. I cannot wish them anything but the very best."

Richt said that he will work along with defensive line coach Rodney Garner, and graduate assistants Todd Hartley and Mitch Doolittle in preparing the defense for the bowl game.


Anonymous said...

That's an interesting wrinkle. Since you first reported that Gardner did not have a current contract, I've been thinking that he's our next DC. I think that the fact that he did not have to sign a contract, indicates to me that the man is being seriously considered for an advanced position. Hence, the protest we are seeing now with the fired coaches leaving ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Special teams should be a lot better.

Anonymous said...

Let's swamp Shreveport with fan signs that read "blitz" or "man 2 deep", etc. instead of those lame D and fence signs. Then we can just call the plays for CMR. We'll forget to bring the "Soft Zone cover 2" signs.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no chance of CRG being the next DC. No chance whatsoever. Promise.

Anonymous said...

all i know is the next DC better know how to run the 3-3-5....our talent and players will rape that setup.

Next season we lose 3 DTs. So we will be depleted there bad.

So put Huston-abry-robinson? as front 3.

if Curran goes this set up will help ease the pain too as most of our LBs this season sucked or were hurt.

last but not least the 5 secondary means we will see Smith, boykin, rambo, banks, and maybe one of the incomming 5 star safety/cb recruits deep. or even in Jones stays that means all of our top players will still be on the field and not sitting on the bench. see rambo's season for that.

not to mention that the 3-3-5 is one of the best blitzing formations simply because the corners can come in and take away any running QB so easily and allow the LBs to take away the short dive/screen/TE dump blitzing safeties and corners force. while still leaving 4 deep covering.

rbubp said...

Anon 10:44,
I sure wish all the folks with inside info like yourself would stop being catty and dropping tidbits about Garner. Why, exactly, would he not be considered? What is wrong with him? What is his particular character flaw, or is it that Richt has already secured a commitment from some other coach?

Oh, and hey, while you are pondering those...if you really don't have the answers, how about not acting like you do? STFU or spill, man.

Anonymous said...

I think R Garner would be an excellent DC. He really does command attention from the players, which IMO is one of the most important factors to being an effective coach.

I'm also surprised none of the coaches would want to coach the bowl game. I can understand why they may feel hurt, but what about doing it for the kids? Shows that they are only thinking of themselves.