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Monday, December 14, 2009

Foster Isn't Headed to UGA

Obviously a lot was made of the talk that Mark Richt (or someone at Georgia) had contacted Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster. Sure, it would have been a nice hire.

But courtesy of the Washington Post, here's what Foster had to say about things:

"Coach Beamer has been extremely good to me," Foster said. "I want to ride this thing out with him. We’ve been doing this along time together and there’s not reason to stop there, and let’s finish this thing. It’s a good deal all the way around. I’m extremely pleased."

I've said this before, but I'll repeat it now: Georgia is a big-time gig, and while there are coaches out there who are very interested in getting the job, there are plenty more who know it's a fantastic bargaining chip to getting a raise at their current one. Indulge in any rumors at your own risk.

I will add this though: The best and most important line in the story is, "but Georgia made the most serious overture." Considering the names we're talking about here -- Kirby Smart, Foster -- and the level of seriousness to which Georgia is apparently approaching those candidates, fans should be confident Richt is aiming high and Damon is willing to back up those aspirations with a significant investment financially.


jferg said...

This is like the sadie hawkins and waiting to see if anyone will pick you. Hopefully the torture ends soon and with the prom queen.

Anonymous said...

Is GA really competing directly with UF...? I thought UF was promoting an assistant to new DC role?

RC said...

This could very well be a mutually beneficial bargaining chip arrangement. As much as a guy like Foster could be using us to get a raise it certainly also be the case that we are using him to keep the price down and avoid overpaying for some other candidates who might otherwise think they have us by the short hairs. (I'm looking at YOU, Kirby.)

Pat said...

Drat. What a hire that would have been.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that this afternoon Foster and VT reached an agreement where he will receive an annuity if he stays. Shocking!

js said...

Why exactly is coach garner not getting the attention ....what exactly disqualifies him? Rodney Garner would be a GREAT DC. For some reason people believe we have to go "looking" for a good DC. Give him a shot. Give me some good reasons why not?

Remember Kirby was on the staff a few years ago...? Same person except now he's been glorified at Bama.

IMO the most important quality a football coach can have is "respect". When players highly respect their coach it makes a huge difference in how the players learn from them and execute. Every single one of the players respect Garner and listen to him. Martinez not so much. Garner was way more the alpha coach but hated being in an inferior role to Martinez.

RC said...

js- understand where you are coming from re: RG, but Richt can't make that move right now given the circumstances in which he finds himself and this team. He needs a total sea-change and infusion of new blood, not more of the same. He stayed in house last time and look where it got him. Credit him for realizing that. To stay in-house with this hire would put him and RG in a potentially no-win situation.

js said...

RC I agree 100 percent. New blood, new thinking could be a good thing. But does that mean Kirby is out of the picture too...?considering his role several years back at UGA? No.

Make no mistake though, Garner is his own man. He would clearly bring new energy, high work ethic and thinking. Nowhere near a Willie Martinez approach. He is one tough guy,highly capable, and respectable. Exactly what the team needs right now imo. Give him a shot! What exact reason can anyone say that he's not deserving?

The Cuatro said...

I am going to throw up when we announce Sanders as our guy this week.