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Friday, December 25, 2009

Festivus Links (12/25)

I had hoped to provide a thoughtful holiday batch of links for Christmas Day, but sadly, I just don't have the energy.

Now, I'm not complaining about not spending Christmas with my family. It happens. And hey, who would want to see family when they could be flying to Shreveport instead?

But to say today didn't go according to plan would be putting it mildly.

Thanks to snow in Dallas, I spent six hours in the airport in Atlanta -- nearly three of which was actually on the plane. My connecting flight from Dallas to Shreveport was canceled. They rebooked me for another one but that got canceled, too. I'm currently on standby for a flight at 9:30 a.m., which if I don't make, will probably result in me renting a car and driving. I don't have my bags. I'm wearing the same clothes as yesterday. I spent $60 for an 8-minute cab ride because the hotel shuttles weren't running. I got to said hotel at 1:30 in the morning. I'm posting this at 7:30.

Somewhere, I really hope there's a little girl in Dallas whose only Christmas wish was to see snow. I truly hope that little girl is extremely happy today. I also sorta hope her older brother wings a snowball at her while she's not paying attention.

But it's still a bit too early for the airing of grievances. Instead, let's get to some links...

-- I know I haven't published links in a while, so here's a quick recap of what I've done for the Telegraph in the past few days:

* Georgia's defense will have its work cut out for it trying to stop A&M quarterback Jerrod Johnson, who players have described as Tim Tebow, but with more athleticism and a better arm.

* Saying the Bulldogs are thrilled to be in Shreveport might be stretching it a bit. But hey, at least they made it there.

* He hasn't necessarily gotten much credit, but Bryan McClendon has done a masterful job keeping the running game going this season.

* And with Logan Gray's potential move to wide receiver, Georgia will be counting on some young quarterbacks next season.

-- Paul Newberry has a must-read feature on Chance Veazey.

-- B.J. Butler is close to de-committing from Georgia but he is still waiting on an offer from Louisville before it happens.

-- Here's a good Christmas read about Georgia recruit Derek Owens' relationship with his high school coach.

-- Marc Weiszer looks back at the ups and downs of Georgia's season.

-- You've probably seen this already, but Georgia stacks up quite well in the SEC during the 2000s. In fact, aside from the two national titles at LSU, you could make a pretty good argument that the Dawgs have been the second-best SEC team this decade.

-- This video from a news station in Texas notes that A&M is worried about Georgia's running game. That makes it worth watching, but it's the sports anchor's mustache that really pulls the piece together.

-- Plus 10 bonus points to whoever makes the best joke about these people. An extra five bonus points if the joke involves A.J. Green.

-- Georgia Sports Blog was kind enough to offer suggestions on dining and nightlife in Shreveport... you know, if I ever make it to Shreveport.

-- About Them Dawgs looks back at Georgia's last trip to Shreveport.

-- Roger Clarkson writes about the emotional toll of a long season on Joe Cox.

-- Matthew Stafford's rookie season is officially over. I hope he wasn't trying to fly home to Dallas today.

-- What does it say about my life that T.I. is home for the holidays with his family and I'm stuck at the Dallas airport?

-- Good news for female "Glee" fans -- it's star took the Mike Piazza route and announced he isn't gay. And yet, the fact that he was in a boy band leads me to believe he has some issues.

-- Count me among the group lauding the 2000s as the real golden age of television.

-- And my favorite Hollywood relationship comes to an end. How sad and utterly predictable.

-- Here's a strange clue about potential plot twists in the final season of "Lost."

-- And finally, I leave you with some fond holiday memories. Remember kids, Festivus isn't over until you pin your father...


gene said...

Dave, I've better rapping coming from the kids with speech impediments and stutters in special ed. And oh yeah....AJ don't stutter, he scores.

Dawg '85 said...

Old school white rap... introducing Salt and Pecka! And A. J.'s Momma named him that cause he's Above Julio in talent.

Dawg '85 said...

They were formerly known as Elephantitis and their label is Deaf Jam Rekerdz.