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Saturday, April 24, 2010

All-Richt Georgia Draft Results

This officially makes me a nerd with way too much time on my hands, but I participated in a live draft with Fletcher Page, Dean Legge and Parker Morgan, picking our all-time Mark Richt teams. The rules were simple enough -- pick one player at each position to fill out a starting lineup, using only players from the Richt era. It was a snake draft, so I had the first pick and the eighth pick, and so on.

You can vote for who had the best team at Dean's DawgPost site and view each of the four teams HERE.

With the first overall pick, I took David Pollack. I punted on QB and running back once I realized I wasn't getting one of the top guys, and I think it worked to my favor. Anyway, here's my team. Let me know what you think...

QB -- Aaron Murray
RB -- Washaun Ealey
FB -- Brannan Southerland
WR -- Fred Gibson
WR -- Reggie Brown
C -- Ben Jones
G -- Max Jean-Gilles
G -- Kevin Breedlove
T -- Dennis Roland
T -- Chester Adams
TE -- Leonard Pope

DE -- David Pollack
DE -- Will Thompson
DT -- Jeff Owens
DT -- Geno Atkins
LB -- Tony Taylor
LB -- Rennie Curran
LB -- Cris Clemmons
S -- Thomas Davis
S -- Tra Battle
CB -- Tim Jennings
CB -- Tim Wansley

Special Teams:
K -- Brandon Bogotay
K -- Drew Butler


Dawgaholic said...

Would've taken Kentrell Curry over Battle at safety. You get a pass on that though as many forget how good he was before he got hurt. Pollack and T.D as anchors of defense worked pretty well.

I'd have to say Dean's offense would be very tough to stop.

jferg said...

Dude...Fletchers team is STRONG!!! If nothing else, their D would keep anyone off the boards. Green, Knowshon, JT Wall, et al on Offense....yeah, Page wins this one. With Dean Legge 2nd. Co-3rds for the last two teams.

BulldogBrock said...

I have actually played the same game with my buddies before...always a good time!

I would give the nod for best defense to Hale. I think Fletcher had the best offense, although it was very close. All teams are solid though and have some incredible players! I also like how you denoted which defensive scheme you ran as well, very nice touch!

BulldogBrock said...

I'll add a caveat to my last statement...I SINCERELY hope that Hale has the best offense when all is said and done because that would mean Murray and Ealey tear it up this year! That is all.