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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Links (4/7)

I've had appointments all day today, so I'm running behind. But how about just a small batch of links to help wrap up your afternoon?

-- If you didn't see the link earlier, I have a story in today's Telegraph on how UGA's offensive line is hoping to take the next step this season.

-- Marc Weiszer looks at the sudden emergence of Vance Cuff, who Mark Richt called the most impressive cornerback of the spring.

-- Chris Low is predicting bit things for Washaun Ealey in 2010.

-- I highly recommend cruising over to Dawgs View where Ben has taken an in-depth look at this year's Bulldogs going position by position. It's good stuff.

-- Florida may use two quarterbacks this year, if you believe Urban Meyer.

-- It's gone from bad to worse to just plain ugly for the Diamond Dogs.

-- Chicago Now has an extended interview with former Diamond Dog Gordon Beckham.

-- I think I'm finally over the Syracuse loss enough that I can now enjoy this fantastic video from our pal Jay Adams. Plus, who doesn't love an oversized Julie Boeheim head?

-- Good piece in The New York Times on how Conan O'Brien is using the intergoogles to stay in the spotlight despite not staying on the air.

-- And New York Magazine has the intriguing story of how J.D. Salinger's final book was almost published.

-- I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one: "The Office" is trying to get Amy Ryan to return for another episode.

-- And finally, some "Lost" links...

First, an interview with the actor who plays Jacob.

Second, The Village Voice looks at "Lost" therapy sessions.

And last, I thought last night's episode was by far the best of the season, although I may be bias because Desmond is hands down my favorite character on the show.

Stuff of Legend has some early thoughts at his blog.

I think this episode showed how sorely Desmond's character has been missed. He provides something to the show -- both in terms of human emotion and in advancing the more advanced aspects of the plot -- that no other character does.

I'm also thrilled that we finally have some understanding of the flash sideways timeline -- even if it did seem to come a bit suddenly. Daniel's explanation came off as particularly didactic rather than a natural progression of the plot. But hey, it's what I've been waiting all season for, so who am I to complain about minor details?

Plus... who can argue with having Charlie back? And next week looks like we're going to see even more of our favorite dearly departed characters in a Hurley-centric episode that I'm hoping finally gives us some closure on the whole Libby in the psych ward loose end.

All in all, a great episode, brutha.

1 comment:

Ludakit said...

I have a theory on Libby and the psych ward. In the episode where she gives Desmond her husband's boat, she said that her husband was "sick." It's later found out that her husband's name was Dave.

Dave was Hurley's buddy and was most seen in the episode where Hurley first took Libby on their island date.

It's my theory that Libby and Dave were married and the reason she was there was to visit him.

Just a guess though. I could very well be wrong.