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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Afternoon Wrap-Up

Four quick bits of info I got in my inbox while I was busy attending an ethics meeting in Macon today...

-- There was an episode of "30 Rock" earlier this season in which Alec Baldwin's character, backed into a corner by a high ranking government official, decides the best advice for handling the situation is to not backtrack on a bad decision, but to dig himself even deeper. I'm assuming the SEC enjoyed that episode greatly.

They announced today stricter rules against celebrations that would actually negate touchdowns. Unbelievable.

-- And on a tangential topic, MSU's Rick Stansbury was fined for criticizing the refs during the SEC tournament.

-- Congrats to Brandon Boykin, who was added to the Lott Award Watch List today.

-- Former Georgia hoopster Drazen Zlovaric has landed at Chattanooga but will have to sit out one year.


Tim said...

Unbelievable. Why is football the only collegiate sport where a player is penalized for enjoying scoring? Watch NCAA basketball and tell me if the kid who dunks and struts should have the basket taken away. Watch NCAA hockey and after a goal is scored see the shooter hold up both arms in celebration while his entire team mobs him and jumps into a pig pile on the ice. Is the goal removed for "excessive celebration"? Unbelievable.

Kyle said...

These celebration penalties are becoming absolutely egregious. Hurting someone's feelings is now against the rules? The worst part is that it can directly affect the actual outcome of the game by taking points away. Insane.

College football is a physical sport played by kids, can we please keep that in mind and let them play? I hate excessive celebration and showboating as much as the next guy but the NCAA needs to learn that there's a better way to combat petty, stupid kids than acting like a petty, stupid kid yourself. Next they're just going to take their ball and leave the stadium if names are called.

MikeInValdosta said...

Ethics? Journalists do need no stinking ethics!

SEC officials, on the other hand, should attend all the ethical training pompous HR departments can deliver.

MikeInValdosta said...

BTW, I always knew we would rue the day VINCE DOOLEY started this excessive celebration and taunting crusade of his.

rbubp said...

Actually, if you read the linked article all the way through you find a clue to their thinking: they believe making the penalty stiffer will make it that much more difficult for the ref to actually call it. It would have to be an obvious, obvious thing to be called at all. Such a severe penalty will not only reduce the incidents but also reduce the temptation for the ref to interpret.

I think it's so crazy it just might work.

MikeInValdosta said...

rbubp, I don't think I have ever disagreed with you, but their is a first time for everything.

Curles crew screwed the pooch in the UGA/LSU game and proceeded to take it to new extremes in the Ark/UF game.

The Refs are like politicians, their attitude is, "What good is having this power if we are not going to use it?"

rbubp said...

Mike, sometimes making something more black and white and more severe actually lessens the frequency of the transgression.

rbubp said...

Or, lessens the frequency of the transgression now newly defined, rather. If you remove the possibility of ticky-tack crap from getting won't get called.