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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Practice Report (4/6)

Some quick notes from practice...

First off, it's hot. Really hot. I don't envy those guys sprinting around in full pads.

Secondly, Darryl Gamble was working out with the outside linebackers today. Gamble told me at the beginning of the spring that he thought he might work there on occasion, mostly because he didn't want to ever have to come out of the game. This is the first time I've seen him practicing with the OLBs though.

I could see Gamble being fairly successful there. Remember, he worked off the edge as a stand-up rusher at DE for much of spring practice last year when Georgia was so thin at the position due to injuries. Obviously the depth problems are a result of the Montez Robinson situation this time around.

As for the OLBs, here's the full list of players working at the position today: Justin Houston, Cornelius Washington, Darryl Gamble, Chase Vasser and Reuben Faloughi.

And one more OLB note -- TJ Stripling was at practice today for a bit. (As were a handful of other recruits whom I wouldn't possibly recognize if they were wearing name tags… which they were.)

Other news...

Caleb King was not practicing again today. He was in green and doing a few light workouts away from the field. I'll ask more of Richt later today, but don't be surprised if they play this one cautiously. No need to exacerbate an injury for a player who you already know enough about.

Other players in green: Fred Munzenmaier and Marlon Brown were still in green, but both were going through all the early drills. Trinton Sturdivant was jogging laps around the field and he doesn't seem to be limping at all. Israel Troupe was hanging out with the wideouts, but he was in green and not running drills. He was rocking sunglasses and looked like he should be on a magazine cover.

Blair Walsh was complaining a bit last week about the lack of practice space for the special teamers this spring due to the construction at Butts-Mehre. Today he was sneaking a few kicks in anyway while the DBs were practicing along the sideline.

Mark Richt spent his time shuffling back and forth between the wideouts and quarterbacks.

Enjoyed watching some drills with the safeties toward the end of our time on the field. The players were all on the ground in almost a push-up position, and GA Todd Hartley would go down the line trying to knock them to the ground, while the players tried to hold their footing.

At one point, Scott Lakatos came over to correct Jakar Hamilton and Bacarri Rambo on their efforts, asking, "How many plays are you going to make if you're on the ground? That's right… none!"

I'll have more notes after practice is over.


AppleDawg said...

At what point do we shake our heads and wonder if our supposive stud players will NOT be hurt early in pre-season workouts?

Have we gone a year without 1-2 important starters sitting out practices early in the pre-season?

Aren't we supposed to be HEALTHY now?

MaconDawg said...

AppleDawg, there's "healthy" and then there's "pristine." People get banged up after a couple of weeks. That's football. Check out Florida and Alabama sites and you'll see the same thing happening to those squads.

My impression is that we've had fewer starters missing time this spring than perhaps any other in the Richt era. Nobody (knock on wood) has suffered an injury which will keep them out of fall practice. Relatively speaking, this has been an outstanding spring for injury avoidance.