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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Delivering on Draft Day

It's not likely Georgia will have a player go in the first round this year, although as many as six or seven players could go in later rounds. I'll have more on that tomorrow and Thursday.

But I did find this note over at Chris Low's SEC blog pretty interesting. Here's the breakdown on how many first-round picks have come from each school during the past decade:

Georgia -- 10
Tennessee -- 10
Florida -- 9
LSU -- 9
Arkansas -- 6
Auburn -- 6
Ole Miss -- 6
South Carolina -- 4
Alabama -- 3
Vanderbilt -- 2
Kentucky -- 1

Of course, Florida and Tennessee will be adding to those totals this year, so the list will look a good bit different as we preview the 2011 draft. But still... producing an average of a first-round pick every year has to be something recruits find awfully appealing.

1 comment:

AppleDawg said...

Stafford and Moreno were a great slew of 1st round picks but besides that, our NFL talent has decreased significantly the last few years.