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Friday, April 16, 2010

Video Blog: G-Day Wrap-Up

What better way to wrap up the spring than with some highlights and interviews from G-Day put together by the lovely and talented Mr. Brandon Spoon...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

all our qbs deserve our support

zack looked like a pro quarterback and if the reciever did not fumble on the 7 yard line after the catch there would have been 3 tds plus there was another drop on a 40yd pass which might have resulted in a 4th td

more important was the immediate td after the other team fumble
that has been missing in bulldog football for a long time now

there is no question this kid is the real deal
if mark ritch really wants to win this year zack is the guy
perhaps he can suspend zack for the idaho state game instead of la layfette so we can see zack in action to prepare for s carolina or let him play one half of la layfette and one half of idaho

poor logan just looks like a deer in the headlights and murray is just too inconsistent and the interception was a terrible decision

bear bryant let namath do a lot of things and he still played him because namath was too good to beach

this zack is like ben rothenberger of the steelers
he does not go down