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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Video Blog: Belin Talks Fundamentals

Two things on this video:

1.) Warren Belin is a guy who knows the difference between using what my mom would call "his inside voice" and "his outside voice."

2.) I'm going to go out on a limb and guess this will be hands down your favorite video of the spring.

So, if your boss doesn't like you watching football videos at work, tell him you think he's just being soft.

And for the record, No. 37 is Akeem Hebron.

*Video courtesy of the great Brandon Spoon, who if he's not the next Steven Spielberg, he's certainly as good as his Mexican equivalent.

(*"Non-union" Mexican equivalent... can't believe I screwed up the quote!)


Anonymous said...

warren belin is a class act

Anonymous said...

ahem, his "non-union" Mexican equivalent . . .

jferg said...

That outside voice give me chills...and i like it! GATA CWB!!!

Hale, time to do a piece on Dowtin. Given his emergence last year (and I said he and C Robinson would be my top 2 LBs this year) and his relative de-emergence this this CWB's way of humbling him so that he works even harder because he thinks he could be great? Or is Dowtin not a great fit in the 3-4? I just can't believe C Rob's leap over Dowtin.