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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Links (2/14)

Hope everyone either has some very romantic plans for the evening or at least has a well-stocked fridge. But even if you won't be spending time with that special someone on Valentine's Day, remember, it could be worse. You could be at the Georgia basketball game.

Some links...

-- Chip Towers wonders if the Dawgs have given up on the basketball court. From the sounds of things coming out of Georgia's locker room, it's pretty clear morale is at an all-time low.

-- I can only assume Lane Kiffin is completely insane. I mean, how many more stupid things can he say in a week? Oh, well at least one more.

-- And as Get the Picture posts, the firestorm is far from over. (BTW, Blutarski really needs to send a thank you card to Junior for all the content he's provided.)

-- According to Forbes, Georgia is the third most valuable college football program, ranking behind only Notre Dame (No. 1) and Texas. Sadly, Athens didn't make Forbes' list of best college sports towns though, with Ann Arbor taking the top spot there.

-- Douglasville's Ryan Ayers is already getting plenty of attention from Georgia reports Total UGA (Subscription required).

-- It looks like Josh Fields will finally be playing baseball for the Mariners, according to several Seattle media outlets.

-- The Gym Dogs had a heck of a night in Lexington.

-- Georgia's sprinters set a world record in their meet at Arkansas on Friday.

-- A quick around the horn of other UGA sports: The Lady Dogs have a big game against Vandy, the tennis team advanced to the ITA national team indoors, and the softball team won its home opener in a rout.

-- And in my on-going unscientific countdown of journalists whom I have zero respect for and think should pull their heads out of their a$$es and quit the business, giving their job to someone who actually still cares about doing quality work, here's another addition to the list.


Senator Blutarsky said...

David, every time I see a Kiffin story, I do one of those Tebowesque chest pump and double points to the heavens gestures. Does that count as thanks?

David Hale said...

Not only does it count, but it makes you the Greatest Blogger of Our Era.

gene said...

David, I actually heard that douche Albom live on the radio. Almost turned it off but when I heard the subject I stayed with it. When he started spouting off about journalistic integrity(ABJ '78 here) I started screaming at the radio something to the effect, "You ahat, what would you and your current crop know about this subject?!!!! This kind of crap really burns my butt. Anyone with any sense knows what blogs are and can choose for themselves which are actually written as "serious" journalistic pieces. If I hear "sources close to the situation" one more time I think I'll scream. Again. Not trying to suck up or anything(not particularly known for that!), but I would say that the things I read on your blog, and some other choice spots on these interwebs like the Senator, are so much more informative, well written, and fact based as to make Albom sound like an old auntie crabbing about lost glory days. There. I'm done.

gene said...

Oh yeah, I meant to say bite it Albom somewhere in that rant.