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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Links (2/18)

Just a quick batch of links this morning, but we're meeting with football players this afternoon, so I'll have more a bit later.

-- It hasn't been an easy season for Terrance Woodbury on almost any front, but he has been one of the few bright spots for the Bulldogs this year.

-- Mike Bobo spoke at a fundraiser in Thomasville, discussing last year's loss to Georgia Tech and this year's offense.

-- More speaking engagement news: Vince Dooley will be in Statesboro on Monday.

-- Rivals writes that the baseball team is no longer being forced to use Nike bats, and virtually every player has switched to the Easton composite bats.

-- FanIQ doesn't think Matthew Stafford is very wise to skip the draft combine.

-- I'll admit, I rarely remember to check out Mark Richt's Web site (after all, Jeff Owens has really upstaged him) but the Examiner's Kit Kitchens finds a good nugget from Richt's latest post about a D lineman studying overseas.

-- Kwame Geathers could announce his decision as early as Friday according to some reports.

-- Chip Towers examines the battle for the starting running back job.

-- In the wake of the Boston College fiasco, Get the Picture wonders now if Mike Leach's situation at Texas Tech marks the beginning of a trend.

-- It's not football, but I have a column in today's Telegraph that will hopefully be some help to any future baseball players who want to apologize for steroid use.

-- And finally, Michael Emerson (Ben) previews tonight's episode of "Lost." Funny, he doesn't mention the Georgia basketball game at all, and that's what I'll be doing at 9 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Matthew is not skipping the combine, he's just not throwing. Nothing different than many other QB's choose to do. Matt Ryan also elected not to throw at the combine.

Matt will be throwing on UGA's Pro Day, which is a much better & smarter choice.

jferg said...

What is the logic behind NOT throwing? Especially if your arm is the main quality teams are interested in.

When is UGA's pro day?

the anonymous suckup said...


The logic is that the top dog (no pun intended) has nowhere to go but down if he enters a competition. This is true in all sorts of disciplines. For example, it is why major party candidates never accept debate challenges from third, fourth,and fifth party challengers. There is nothing to gain from entering that fray, but a lot to lose. Think Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas, and you'll get the picture...

This happens every year. The elite prospect usually decide not to participate in some or all of the activities.

Anonymous said...

Great job as always!